The return on investment (ROI) in residential solar panels has continued to rise over the past decade because prices for home solar energy systems have kept dropping every year. That’s the natural progression of virtually any new transformative technology. As adoption rates increase, prices fall, which means ROI rises. So, solar has become highly cost-effective for homeowners. Going solar now means lower energy costs on average, even with a homeowner’s solar payments plus partial electricity bills, compared to the previous electric bill amounts alone.

This is where Solarise comes in. We further maximize cost savings for homeowners. Solarise Solar is the industry leader in delivering value on solar panel systems and installation. Yes, we make it functionally easy and convenient for homeowners to switch seamlessly to home solar. But, we also make it financially easy to go solar. That’s why we’ve been trusted to help so many thousands of Coloradan’s transition to residential and commercial solar energy systems.

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Why Solar Panels Work So Well In Salida, Colorado

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Salida is about gorgeous Rocky Mountain high vistas, world-renowned trails for hiking, biking, skiing, and sledding, lavish hot springs, just basking in the warmth of a sunroom, and making more memories to treasure strolling along with favorite quaint downtown spots. Why is this all possible? Because Salida is one of those distinctive Rocky Mountain marvels — a very sunny place cradled in 14,000 peaks!

Nestled in the heart of the Rockies, Salida receives an average of 262 days of sunshine per year. Compare that to just 248 days in Miami, Florida! Of course, this unusually high total of sunny days in Salida makes it a perfect location for solar panels. So, homeowners in Salida who want to live free from dependence on the grid and rising utility costs and fossil fuel burning are in an ideal place to go solar.

Colorado State Solar Initiative

The Colorado state government’s commitment to making a complete conversion to 100% renewable energy sources by 2050 has set in motion a spectacular transformation. Rural towns and urban municipalities alike have been switching their public facilities to solar power. Homeowners were already installing solar panel systems in increasing numbers throughout the state. This growing residential movement toward solar is essential to Colorado’s goal of soon becoming a green energy state.

As a result of broader adoption, solar has, of course, become a much bigger factor in reducing fossil fuel use in Colorado and throughout the United States. The role of Solarise in this great state-wide transition to solar is in helping Coloradans obtain the best value in high-quality solar panel systems and seamlessly convert to home solar production.

Why Solar Is So Right For Salida Homeowners

There are many ways that homeowners in Salida and throughout Chaffee County can expect making the switch to solar to be an extraordinarily beneficial transition:

  • You have no more risk of losing power during extended public utility outages.
  • Enjoy unlimited clean, renewable electrical energy free after equipment is paid for in full.
  • Homeowners now get the industry’s lowest prices for residential solar panel systems ever.
  • As part of its solar initiative, the State of Colorado now provides very low-cost residential solar to help make solar accessible for most homeowners.
  • Switching to solar energy means independence from the utility company and public power grid.
  • Solar payments and the cost of partial electric bills combined now cost many homeowners less than their electric bills alone before they had solar panels installed.
  • The IRS Investment Tax Credit on solar panels is still at 26%, but only through 2022!
  • According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) research, solar panels can increase property values by more than 4%.
  • Switching to solar is the most significant way to reduce a family’s carbon footprint and become part of the solution to extreme greenhouse emissions from human activities.

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Additionally, Solarise provides low-interest financing and no upfront cost on solar panel systems for Chaffee County homeowners.

Best Solar Panels for Salida, Colorado Homeowners

Solarise Solar designs and installs customized residential solar energy systems for grid-tied and off-grid homes throughout Colorado. Our solar design and installation experts will configure and install a state-of-the-art solar energy system for your home. They’ll also set up advanced solar production monitoring technology, so you’ll have real-time output tracking via a convenient app.

In Colorado’s state-wide push to go solar, Solarise makes the configuration and installation of residential renewable energy systems easy for homeowners, maximally productive, and affordable.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and the Solarise 30-Year Panel Warranty together provide one of the industry’s best solar coverage packages. It’s how we give homeowners peace of mind throughout the decades of solar energy use ahead.

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