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Residential Solar Panels in Colorado

With Solarise Solar, you can expect openness, clarity, and simplicity from your initial inquiry to the full installation of your solar power system in Fremont County, Colorado. Solarise has been in business since 2016 and has been involved in more than 13,000 solar installations. As company that truly focuses on providing value, Solarise promises that you’ll never be in a worse situation when choosing them. Customers save money and become energy independent as they benefit from Solarise’s solar energy solutions.

Colorado Solar Panel Installation for Homes

Choosing Solarise means you’re working with solar energy experts who are dedicated to providing the best experience for you in your journey to save on your energy bills and make the world a better place. Solarise actively listens and answers all of your questions about the solar installation process. Each step of the installation process is done with a focus on following
industry best practices. The Solarise team’s no-stress approach is made possible by its 5-step transition from utility to solar. This includes the design of your system, consultation to perfect your solar installation plan, getting proper permits, installation, and getting your system approved upon inspection.
Solarise’s A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is proof of its dedication to take care of the members of Fremont County and as a member of the community who cares. Solarise knows what it takes to provide stellar service as you make the transition to renewable energy. You can expect an expert solar installer who is here to stay by choosing Solarise Solar.

About Canon City, Colorado

Originally settled in 1860 and incorporated in 1872, Canon City has grown into a municipality with more than 16,400 people who call it home. It’s located in the eastern part of Fremont County area and with Colorado Springs 45 miles to the northeast of Canon City. Canon City has a lot of history that goes back to the dinosaurs. In fact, one of Canon City’s claims to fame is it’s home to the world’s most complete stegosaurus. Canon City’s main street is documented on the National Register of Historic Places which makes it a must-visit for anyone who is a history buff.
Due to Canon City’s semi-arid climate, the local economy has historically been powered by agricultural businesses such as farming, orchards, and ranching. Over time, more industries have contributed to Canon City’s economy such as education, tourism, and medicine. Major employers of Canon City’s residents include The Abbey winery, the Royal Gorge Route Railroad, and Centura Health.
There’s a variety of recreational activities available to both residents and tourists in the Canon City area. Some of these activities include rafting, camping, and skydiving. People taking advantage of the outdoors can enjoy the natural scenery that can be found in the area. The different outdoor opportunities also give everyone a chance to appreciate the relatively calm weather of Canon City.


Solar Panels in Colorado

Canon City’s weather patterns are suitable for anyone considering using Colorado solar power systems for their homes and businesses. While Canon City receives more than the average amount of snow per year, the residents of Canon City get an average of more than 255 sunny days per year compared to the US average of 205 sunny days each year. Members of the Canon City community who choose solar energy will be able to save money on their energy bills while doing their part to save the environment.

About Fremont County

Located in the state of Colorado, Fremont County has an estimated population of 48,021 and was founded on November 1, 1861. This county has a long history that goes back to native Ute tribes and pioneers who lived in the area. Fremont County has natural coal and oil resources thanks to plant and animal life that passed on millions of years ago. Since then, different industries have benefited from the pleasant climate, natural resources, and scenery such as oil companies and film making. Fremont County has relationships on an international level thanks to its two sister cities: Kahoku, Japan and Valday, Russia.
Fremont County’s weather is suitable for anyone who chooses to install solar energy solutions for their homes and businesses. The average number of sunny days in the US is 205 which is less than Fremont County’s annual average of 260 sunny days. This higher than average amount of sunny days is sure to help solar energy customers achieve their goals for energy efficiency and the environment. Solar energy users in Fremont County are sure to receive a great return on investment thanks to the amount of sunny days they experience.