It’s a great time to go solar in Windsor, Colorado! Solar panel prices have plummeted over the past decade due to the increasingly rapid adoption of residential solar throughout the country. There are federal income tax, Colorado sales tax breaks, and other major money-saving incentives. Combining these savings now makes it much easier for every homeowner in Colorado to get solar panels installed on your home.

You can now enjoy independence from the utility grid and save on your monthly energy expenses from the first month you start producing your own electricity.

Why are Solar Panels Such a Good Option in Windsor, CO?

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There are now hundreds of thousands of homes in Colorado operating fully or partially on electricity produced by residential solar panels, and the number continues to grow quickly. What is causing this rapid increase in solar panel installations in the State?
Windsor, Colorado, has an average of 240 sunshine days per year. That’s 35 days over the national average, more than an extra month of sunshine compared to the country overall. For more perspective, Miami, Florida, gets just 249!

Further, Colorado’s clear cold winter days are actually more ideal for the photovoltaic process in solar panels than clear hot days in Phoenix! But, there are many other reasons why solar has become recognized as such a good resource by the Colorado government and homeowners.

The market has grown with the vast spread of information and deeper understanding of residential solar energy systems and the plunging solar energy equipment costs over the years. That is the typical progression of any new transformative technology.

Further, more and more people are recognizing the acute need to reduce the collective dependence on burning fossil fuel every day. In looking at the best available solutions, they naturally discover the benefits of solar in producing their own renewable energy from the sun on their own property.

People have seen more and more of their neighbors in Colorado, right here in the Windsor area, owning their means of electricity production instead of renting it from the power company. They realize it makes sense for them to take their independence from the utility company too.

Colorado Solar Incentives for Homeowners

Colorado has put in place some of the nation’s most outstanding solar energy access laws. The State provides substantial financial opportunities for homeowners to use solar. There is a 100% sales tax exemption on solar energy systems equipment. Additionally, some of Colorado’s utility companies offer appealing solar rebates to their customers. Add those incentives to the IRS’s 26% Investment Tax Credit for solar equipment (which will be reduced after 2022).

That means homeowners can increase their property values by adding solar panel systems without paying tax on that added value. There are other financial incentives for Colorado residents switching to renewable energy as well. You can take advantage of various rebates, solar grants, loans, and other options for driving down the cost of your solar panel system even lower in Colorado.

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You can have your new solar energy system installed in Windsor year-round. Your local team of Solarise solar panel installation specialists provides you with excellent workmanship in a completely transparent process.

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