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Douglas County, Colorado residents, enjoy an average of more than 300 days of sunny skies annually. That makes the Highlands Ranch area a premium location for homeowners to reap the many benefits of producing renewable solar energy at home, independently from the public power grid.

The Highlands Ranch Community Association (HRCA) has proactively taken full advantage of the opportunity to the community with solar energy. The initiative is to utilize solar, and it is projected to save the community $1.9 million over the next 20 years.

The opportunity is made possible by the state’s Colorado’s Community Solar Legislation (2010) to supply residents, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. The HRCA is responsible for managing four recreation facilities in Highlands Ranch. The association leadership views the state’s solar program to reduce cost and nonrenewable energy use and promote environmental sustainability in the local area.

The HRCA spokesperson has equated the environmental impact of the solar program to the Highlands Ranch region to removing 2.4 million miles of automobile driving.

The Future of Solar Energy in Colorado

Since 2016, Solarise Solar has been a solar industry leader in transitioning the state to residential solar. The future of solar for Colorado homeowners has been increasingly exciting. Today, many municipalities, including Highlands Ranch and the State of Colorado, now stand together in strong support for a systematic shift to green energy solutions. Plus, the ROI in residential solar panels has become more attractive than ever before!

For the broader view, the Colorado solar energy initiative targets a 100% shift to renewable energy over the next few decades. That makes all Highlands Ranch homeowners an indispensable part of Colorado going solar.

Should I Go Solar Now, Or Wait for a Little Longer?

Switching to solar means you can live free from the utility company's power grid. And, your combined solar equipment payments and partial electric bills are typically less than the full electric bills you pay now. After your solar energy equipment is paid in full, the electricity you produce with it is entirely free.

Solar panel prices have dropped every year over the past decade, bringing the cost of purchasing and installing solar panels now to the lowest in history. Additionally, the significant federal and other tax credits have made solar panel installation more attractive. With the broad-scale adoption of residential, commercial, and even industrial solar energy systems, the drop in the price of equipment has dwindled over the past several years. The tax savings have also decreased each year and will be less after 2022.

Altogether, the cost savings from waiting for further reductions have been surpassed by solar panels’ financial and other benefits. In other words, the electricity cost savings now outweighs the smaller price reduction homeowners can hope to get by continuing to wait to make the switch to solar energy.

If you plan to sell your home soon, adding solar panels can significantly increase your property value, per the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) research data.

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Greenhouse emissions from dependence on burning fossil fuels need to be reduced urgently. Going solar makes you part of the solution now!

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