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Why Go Solar?

  • Save Money on Energy Bills
    Stop renting power and work your way to owning it with payments generally less than your utility bill.
  • Get Rebates and Incentives
    Take advantage of tax credits. But Hurry! Incentives decrease every year.
  • Increase Property Value
    A 2019 Zillow study found that Homes With Solar Panels Sell for 4.1% More
  • Earn a Return on Your Investment
    Solar provides you free power after your panels are paid in full.
  • Energy Independence
    Historically, utility rates raise over time due to inflation and rate increases. Solar locks in your rate.
  • Help Save the Planet
    Eliminate your reliance on burning fossil fuels to power your home. Go green with solar.

Why Choose Solarise?

  • 30-Year Panel Warranty
    Peace of mind for the life of your system.
  • No Money Down!
    No up-front investment required!
  • Low Interest Financing
    We have a solar financing or purchase option that’s right for you.
  • Experienced Solar Installations
    Our local install crew’s experience provides the highest standard of workmanship
  • Customer Focused
    We are dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism in all that we do.
  • Transparency
    We clearly communicate and follow through on our commitments to you
  • System Monitoring
    Monitor your system with mobile and desktop apps!

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The Solarise Process for Residential Solar Panel Installation

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Utility companies increase their rates year after year. Installing solar panels combats these rate hikes, plus you can take advantage of great tax rebates!

Solar Panel Installation FAQ

Installing high output solar panels at your home or business saves money on your electricity bills and enables you to avoid much of the financial impact of rising electricity rates over the years. The precise total cost benefits of solar panels of your solar energy system depends on multiple factors, including your local utility company’s rates and policies, the amount of sun your property receives, and policies regarding residential solar energy systems in your municipality and county. In each case, the net financial benefits can be expected to make investing in high-efficiency solar panels a good financial decision.
Using solar energy offers many health and environmental benefits. It eliminates emissions of greenhouse gas from the fossil fuel burning that is driving climate change. It also cuts the number of particulates polluting the air. Solar energy use further reduces sulfur dioxide and other such extremely unhealthy pollutants.

To see how much you are paying for electricity in your home or business, and to understand how much electricity you are actually using each month, examine your electricity bill details. Especially, read the seasonal usage information provided by the utility company separately or as part of your regular billing statement. Some electric companies may not provide monthly and seasonal usage information clearly in a graph or numerical data report on the bill, per se. If yours does not offer that information in a digestible format, see the EnergySage publication The Best Way to Read Your Electric Bill. It provides straightforward help to interpret your electricity bill and understand the items on the bill that translate into usage information.

Utility companies use a method called net metering in order to measure the amount of energy being input back onto the grid by residential and commercial customers. When an independently operating solar energy system is generating more electricity than is being used at a home or business service location, the metering system accounts for the amount of the overage and credits the customer for the net amount of electricity sent out onto the grid. Alternatively, and more commonly, the net metering system calculates how much electricity a customer uses over the amount generated by your solar energy system and the company bills the customer for only that amount. Policies regarding net metering are different from one state to the next, so be informed on any rules in your state that may affect your billing.
Abundant research shows that, on average, having a solar energy system installed increases a home’s sale value. This bump in value has, however, shown only to apply to properties that have the solar energy systems added as actual capital improvements, not as leased equipment. In many areas of the United States, solar panel installation increases a property’s value by a higher amount than other improvements, even more than a kitchen renovation.
Photovoltaic solar panels take in energy from the sun during daylight, and they convert that energy into electricity. The majority of houses and commercial buildings utilize alternating current (AC). The direct current (DC) produced by solar panels is converted by passing through an electrical current inverter that converts it to an AC current that can be used in the home or business. The electricity is then either used to power the building and any excess power is sent back to the grid.
The amount of available sunlight determines the amount of power your solar panels can produce. So, your solar energy system will generate a little less energy on cloudy days and will produce no power during dark hours at night. Nevertheless, considering the high cost of electricity, the significant government rebates, and other available financial incentives, a solar energy system is a wise choice, even for homeowners and businesses in areas with a lot of cloud cover.
Solar panels function by converting sunlight that reaches the panels into electrical power. Therefore, if the most efficient solar panels are covered with snow, they cannot receive the necessary sunlight to convert into electricity. Fortunately, snow normally does not weigh enough to damage the structural components of solar panels, and because the majority of panels are positioned at angles, snow usually slides off. The panels are also easy to wipe clean if snow accumulation does impede electricity production.
Most homeowners who install solar panels on their properties have systems that remain connected to the grid, to allow their systems to take power from the grid during periods while their systems are not generating as much electricity as they need. They automatically send power back to the grid when they produce more power than they use. You can install a completely off grid solar panel system that includes battery storage. But, such systems cost much more, and they are usually unnecessary for most homes.
Even with high efficiency solar panels, you will continue to receive electricity bills, unless your home’s solar energy system has battery storage and is completely disconnected from the grid. But, with today’s high output solar panels, you can reduce your energy bills to a fraction of previous monthly amounts you paid. You can even reduce the amount you pay to zero dollars, by installing a solar panel system that generates the same amount or more electricity than you actually use within a billing period.
Residential and commercial solar panel systems that are connected to the grid will shut down during blackouts. The systems shut off by design, in order to protect utility repair workers, emergency response workers, and others from injury due to your home’s solar panels sending electricity back to the grid. You can install inverters designed to work in conjunction with a battery, to deliver backup power to your home during blackouts.
Solar energy systems are made with solar panels constructed of exceptionally durable tempered glass. The panels need very little if any maintenance throughout their entire lifespan, which is normally from 25 to 35 years. The panels can be expected to continue to work well, even without any routine cleaning. If a problem with the panels does arise, the majority of solar equipment manufacturers provide warranties. Coverages under warranties do, of course, vary between companies.

You can pay cash for your solar energy system, or you may choose solar panel financing through our financing company. The best solar financing options offer customers certain advantages, such as zero down payment and low-interest financing, and other benefits.

To maximize financial savings by going solar, buying the equipment is normally the best option.

  1. You’ll receive rebates and other financial incentives.
  2. After you pay off the equipment, you’ll enjoy free electricity.
  3. Your property values can be expected to increase when you buy solar panels.

With a leased solar energy system you will not own the equipment after the lease ends, and having a leased solar panel system can be detrimental to property resale value.

A secured loan requires some form of collateral, to fully or partially offset the lender’s risk in making the loan. This means the borrower must agree to relinquish the solar panels if they fail to meet the loan contract terms. Interest rates may be higher for an unsecured loan, depending upon various factors, such as the borrower’s credit rating, history with the lender, and other considerations. Financing can be obtained through either secured or unsecured loans, depending upon various factors, including the solar energy system cost, your credit rating, your lender’s financing policies in general or for solar equipment, credit market conditions, and other considerations. Compare terms and conditions offered on solar panel loans, in order to find the best solar panel financing option for your needs.
There are seemingly countless lenders offering solar panel loans, including banks, credit unions, finance companies, and solar energy systems manufacturers. To determine which form of solar panel financing is right for you, shop around and compare the options offered by these various kinds of solar loan providers. Ask about interest rates and loan terms, before choosing one of your solar financing options.

One major incentive to buy solar panels is the 26% federal investment tax credit (ITC). This credit allows you to deduct 26% of the total cost of your home’s solar energy system from your federal income tax. You are likely to qualify for significant additional incentives in the form of discounts, a solar panel rebate, and tax credits, depending upon where you live. Ask what incentives your state, county, city, and your electric company offer for the purchase of a home solar energy system. Keep in mind that these incentives continue to decrease every year.

You can become energy independent, avoid ever-increasing electricity costs, and help save the environment by going green with your own residential solar energy system. Start by getting your free, no-obligation solar panel estimate and free Energy Cost Analysis. The analysis determines how many solar panels are necessary for your home’s cubic space. Get information on solar pricing, incentives, financing, warranty, and answers to all your other questions. Schedule Your Free Solar Panel Quote and Energy Analysis

Compare the cost of your monthly electricity bill to the amount of your payments for a solar energy system. If you will save enough on your electric bill to offset all or enough of the amount of your solar equipment payments so that the net cost of the transition remains within your budget, then you can afford to go solar. There are zero-down payment options with low-interest rates for residential solar energy systems. Plus there are still sizable government rebates, tax credits, and other financial incentives being offered by local and federal governments and utility companies.

Roofs with southern exposure, with minimal shade, and sufficient room for solar panels are ideal for installing solar panel roof mounts. While some roofs are more ideal than others for maximum solar energy production, on many homes, there are opportunities to work around issues and increase the efficiency of the solar energy system. In those cases, even homes that don’t have the perfect solar panel roof systems can be facilitated to generate significant amounts of solar energy and yield a strong return on the homeowner’s financial investment in solar.

The amount of electricity your home uses each month and the climate conditions in your region are the primary determinants of the size of the best solar energy system for your home. By examining your previous electricity bills and then comparing estimates from licensed solar installers, you can determine the size of the solar energy system you need.

A solar energy system can be expected to work well for 25 to 35 years. Installing solar panels on roofs, then removing the panels in the near future to replace a roof, and then reinstalling the panels can be expensive. So, if you anticipate needing roof maintenance or a roof replacement in the near future, you should probably consider having the roof work done prior to completing your solar panel installation.
Generally speaking, solar panels are highly durable and can withstand the weather for decades, including driving rain and snow, wind, and even hail. Some components of your solar energy system do need replacement at various times, but overall, your system can be expected to generate electricity efficiently for 25-35 years.

Research has shown that adding a solar energy system to a home increases the property value — even more than a kitchen renovation, in some parts of the country. Research from Zillow (2019) indicates that people buying a house with solar panels were willing to pay an average of over 4% more than homes without the added solar energy technology. Naturally, your real estate value can only increase if you own your solar panel system. If you have a leased system, you’ll need to pay off your lease contract prior to selling your home, in order to take advantage of the increased property value that a solar energy system can add to your property.

The majority of solar panels are of the monocrystalline, polycrystalline (multi-crystalline), or thin-film type. Monocrystalline solar cells are cut out from a single silicon crystal. Polycrystalline cells are made of melted silicon crystal fragments molded together and cut into wafers. Thin-film solar panels are typically made of either cadmium telluride (CdTe), amorphous silicon (a-Si), or copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS). Each of these three types of solar panels has its particular advantages and disadvantages. Determining which is the best type of solar panel for your home depends on the specifics of your property and the kinds of features you want in your solar energy production system.

Comparing multiple solar panel quotes from various installers can be confusing. Different installers operate based on different metrics and assumptions while they are providing equipment for properties and assisting with solar financing options for homeowners. To make a meaningful apples-to-apples side-by-side solar panel cost comparison, focus on the lists of particular benefits each alternative offers and on the overall cost differentials. If the information in one bid does not appear to have a comparable factor in another bid, ask the solar provider of the competing bid how their system addresses that.

After your site assessment has been performed and you have made your choice of solar panels for your home, your installer will complete and submit the necessary paperwork to obtain approval of your system. Then, whether you are putting roof mount or ground mount solar panels on your property, the installation process typically takes one or two days to complete. Search “solar panel installers near me,” as your starting point, to identify and compare reputable providers in your local area.

When researching to identify the best solar installer for your needs, consider several key criteria. Obtain validations from each candidate solar company to confirm that the installer is certified, fully licensed, and adequately insured. Further, confirm that each installer has abundant industry experience. Meet your prospective solar installer in person, to be sure that you feel comfortable with the company’s representative. Ask for customer references, and follow through by checking several, before you go forward with purchasing and installing a solar energy system from any of the solar panel installation companies you are comparing.

Examine information on the benefits of having a solar monitoring system for your solar panels. If you determine that you can benefit from maintaining awareness of the details of the amounts of energy being produced by your solar panels, ask about solar power monitoring equipment. A solar lease agreement may already include a free monitoring program that tracks the performance of your equipment. When you buy a solar energy system, you may need to purchase a solar energy monitor too, if you decide you want to have the performance information it delivers.

Power inverters are designed to convert the direct current (DC) of electrical energy produced by your solar panels from direct current (DC) to the alternating current (AC) needed for powering household appliances and other electrical equipment and devices in your home. There are three primary types of solar inverters for use in solar energy systems: Centralized inverters (also called string inverters), power optimizers (also called string inverters plus power optimizers), and microinverters.

Power optimizers and microinverters are sometimes categorized together as module-level power electronics (MLPEs). String inverters are designed to optimize the power output at the level of the strings that connect your solar panels to one another. Power optimizers work at the solar panel level, to reduce the impacts of shade on performance. Microinverters work at each solar panel to directly convert DC power from solar panels to AC electricity, on the roof, without requiring a centralized inverter. Your installer can help you determine the best solar inverters for your needs.

Solar energy systems with solar batteries are called solar-plus-storage systems. These systems have become more and more popular. However, they are considerably higher in price than systems that do not include batteries for energy storage. Talk to your installer about the best battery for solar panel systems, if you choose to have power storage capacity. Fortunately, solar panel battery storage is not needed in most homes that utilize solar energy. Because the majority of homes will remain connected to the public power grid, their solar energy systems do not require battery storage. When your home is connected to the grid, excess power generated by your solar panels is routed to the grid, and your home draws power from the grid whenever you need more electricity than is being generated by your panels.

What Our Solar Power Install Clients in Colorado are Saying

Customer Testimonials for Solarise Solar

Talk about going the extra mile! Ben and Cindy literally drove extra miles to help this technologically impaired client obtain a Solarise contract. Always cheerful and consistently returning phone calls and emails, this professional pair embodies what Solarise stands for. Add up your last years electric bills and compare it to the fixed price of the panels per month and you'll see the savings. You can trust Ben and Cindy, I guarantee it.
Wendy Taggart
Wendy Taggart
01:38 04 Dec 21
Frederick Carter made our solar experience pain free. He came to our home and explained how we will be saving money on our power bill and that payment will never increase. With the power companies always increasing their rates year after year I’d be a fool not to go with solar energy after seeing the savings Frederick showed us. I’m all about saving money on my fixed income. Thank you Solarize Solar for your professionalism on installation and knowledgeable employees.
Jim Keller
Jim Keller
13:55 01 Dec 21
Couldn’t ask for better service and interaction with Frederick. He made the whole process smooth and easy. Thanks again Fred!
Ashli Pardi
Ashli Pardi
21:59 22 Nov 21
Solarise solar won my business after meeting with 4 other companies and with frederick's great customer service. The other companies just gave us a sales pitch and wanted us to sign on the dotted line and Frederick actually came out and gave us real data and service and made us feel confident about the entire process.
John Carroll
John Carroll
23:00 19 Nov 21
We had great experience with this company. Fred was very helpful with communicating with us every step of the way. Highly recommend
Amber Hamrick
Amber Hamrick
01:40 19 Nov 21
I was very well educated by Frederick on the whole solar experience I was sold on the education that was given to me by him. He broke everything down in Laymans term. Thank you so much Solarise Solar you couldn’t pick a better person. Excellent customer service thank you Mr Frederick for your delightful customer service.
rayya jones
rayya jones
22:05 18 Nov 21
Excellent customer service by Fredrick. Would recommend this company and Fredrick specifically! Thanks Solarise Solar!
Kelli Pardi
Kelli Pardi
20:02 18 Nov 21
Fred was very informative and professional!
Ashley Johnson
Ashley Johnson
19:49 18 Nov 21
In my opinion, Fred is a very professional representative for your company!
David Coleman
David Coleman
19:47 18 Nov 21
I decided to put solar on my home last year and I wanted to take some time before leaving a review. Everything went extremely smooth and my system has been working perfectly. Frederick was great and just like he reassured my energy rates have not gone up and my experience with this company has been nothing but fantastic and professional.
Christine Carroll
Christine Carroll
19:40 18 Nov 21
It was a pleasure working with Fred. He is very knowledgeable and you can tell he has been doing this for a while. He helped pick out the right size and plan for our solar setup, we highly recommend him and his company.
Erick Collins
Erick Collins
18:58 18 Nov 21
We have been on the fence about going solar but once we spoke to Frederick he answered all our questions and showed us how we will be saving money on our utility bills and the payments will never go up like the utilities do. Financing was an easy process and installation was professional and quick. I highly recommend Solarise Solar.
Michele Keller
Michele Keller
03:18 18 Nov 21
The experience was great. From the salesman to the installation team, it was explained with detail and installed professionally. I would recommend Solaris solar to friends and family. Thank you for the business! Thank you Fredrick Carter!
Anthony Fonseca
Anthony Fonseca
03:08 18 Nov 21
I’m now part of the solar energy movement!! Excellent customer service with Mike Maffucci. Quick and easy process with many guarantees. I had two other companies give me estimates and this was the best!!
Cynthia Ayala
Cynthia Ayala
23:55 03 Nov 21
These guys are the best solar provide in Colorado Springs. Honest, and super helpful. Highly recommend.
Jake Snelson
Jake Snelson
18:55 08 Oct 21
I've heard solar was expensive, but their sales team was very knowledgeable straight forward to me .After my results of my last utilities bill I'm very happy with the numbers 👍. thanks again Solarisd
Jack Timber
Jack Timber
22:16 08 Jun 21
Solarise put up our solar panels here in Pueblo. No money down; easy financing; reasonable payments—especially in the summer, I’m sure, as we run AC. Every single person was awesome! We have an almost perfect roof slope and direction and really felt we were wasting a renewable resource.
Lora Payne
Lora Payne
21:00 19 May 21
We were very pleased with the professional and friendly manner that every Solarise employee exhibited from the salesperson all the way to completing installation. We are enjoying smaller electric bills and are greatly comforted by the fact that Solarise services what it sells.
Robert Chambers
Robert Chambers
20:53 07 Apr 21
Our experience has been awesome!! They contacted us through a cold call through Frederick who answered all our questions. I did my research of the company and I must admit I was skeptical in the beginning. However, everything was outstanding. The loan experience was well done and all digital. The customer service and phone calls that you will receive have been great for ongoing questions.Things seemed to go slow in the beginning of the process with permits and design. The city has to approve permits and they were just slow. But once they got to work, they finished all in one day. The inspection from the city took a little while but was approved without any corrections. The system has worked great and I already have a credit on my electric bill--just in my second month on the system. The app you receive also allows you to look at all the panels and see what the system is doing. I love that!!I would highly recommend Solarise to anyone looking for a system.
Benny Soto
Benny Soto
22:44 06 Mar 21
Team was very professional. Install of my solar system was completed in a day. Everything is working perfectly and am glad I chose this company.
Jeff Martin
Jeff Martin
19:29 07 Jan 21
Solarise was incredible to work with. They handled everything and all I had to do was reap the benefits of having solar. They were professional and responsive to any communication. The installers completed the project in 2 days with no disruption to me. Having solar is saving me over $100 a month in utilities. I highly recommend this company.
Connie Stiefel
Connie Stiefel
00:37 30 Dec 20
From start to finish the experience was great. Knowledge and patience from the entire crew. Every question was answered. Easy to contact. Solar panel installation was flawless.
Chevelle Garnett
Chevelle Garnett
00:32 01 Dec 20
Everything Solarize Solar promised was done. From cutting our Black Hills down to virtually nothing to installation and support beyond expectations. We highly recommend thier product and services. You won't be disappointed.
Chuck Pretlow
Chuck Pretlow
18:24 20 Oct 20
Knowledgeable representatives and staff. From start to finish the experience was great. From the time we got a knock on the door till we were making power was about 6 weeks. Including financing, site survey, permits, install of panels, and install of meter from power company. We watched other companies put in solar for our neighbors and it took 3 months before they were done. Solarise is fast, professional, honest and the best part is we love making our own power. If you want to go solar, I would contact Solarise Solar over any other competitor. They are the best!
Leslie Moore
Leslie Moore
22:52 17 Sep 20
We've been working with multiple solar companies for almost a year. Solarise is easily the best company out there. They're very responsive to questions and easy to get ahold of. The entire system took less than a month and a half from them knocking on our door to us making our own power. Ben, our consultant from Solarise was awesome to work with and a great dude. Thank you Solarise!
Michael Moore
Michael Moore
16:56 25 Aug 20
I contacted the company to inquire about the benefits and costs of having a solar system. I met with Jared. Not only was the system Well within my budget, all of my questions about the how the system worked and the benefits were answered. The system was installed before I knew it. I love having the solar system and enjoy looking at the monitoring system to see how many trees I have saved each month.
Theresa Felton
Theresa Felton
23:05 11 Aug 20
Knowledge and patience from the entire crew. Every question was answered. Easy to contact. Installation was flawless. I have recommended Solarise Solar to many and will continue. Great group !!!!
Al Walker
Al Walker
14:39 08 Aug 20
At first I was a little skeptical about dealing with a business I had no knowledge of or heard about. Our first dealing with John from Solarise Solar he made us feel at easy. He explained the benefits of solar verses regular electricity. John never tried selling us anything we didn’t need. That’s why I will definitely refer any and all my friends to Solarise. They completed all our paper work and plans, all we had to do was sit back and anxiously wait for solar to be installed. One last thing, their installers were fast, friendly and professional. Great company to do business with. Way to go Solarise Solar you definitely earned my business and references. Thank you Mr & Mrs Hernandez.
Gabriel Hernandez
Gabriel Hernandez
01:30 30 May 20
All the members of Solarise Solar that we dealt with were professional and very helpful when we had questions. The process was very smooth from start to finish.
Dax Larson
Dax Larson
21:17 14 May 20
They did a great job on the installation. All of they were very professional. Left a clean job site .
Virgil Sumpter
Virgil Sumpter
23:19 04 May 20
Solaris Solar was excellent to work with. Jared was so professional and kind throughout the whole process. They had answers for all our questions. Everyone I spoke with was kind and friendly!! I would highly recommend using Solarise Solar.
Brooke Richardson
Brooke Richardson
23:03 04 May 20
Shan and his team at Solarise Solar are amazing! I needed my existing solar system removed and reinstalled due to a issue with defective shingles on the roof. The original installer was awful and told me “We aren’t doing that right now. Call back in the Spring.” What?! After spending over 25k on a solar system you won’t provide service when the customer requires it! Solarise Solar was able to promptly remove the panels to allow for the roof to be replaced and quickly replaced them. Communication with Shan was so easy, he is quick to reply and never left me wondering. The installers that worked on my project were very knowledgeable, fast and polite. I highly recommend Solarise.
Robin Reno
Robin Reno
15:24 13 Mar 20
Great job Solarise! I don’t often leave reviews but these guys earned one. Especially the install team! Thanks for going the extra mile on our solar system.
Aaron Maclaren
Aaron Maclaren
03:07 11 Feb 20
Solarise installed a 4kW system on my home and everyone was great to work with. I feel I got a great value and excellent workmanship from their team.
Eddie Frank
Eddie Frank
17:51 28 Dec 19
Solarise was a pleasure to deal with... nice and professional. We’ve referred several of our friends. And we’re already loving having solar!
Greg Peterson
Greg Peterson
01:24 28 Dec 19
It's nice to have a good experience with a contractor. Thanks Solarise!
Emily Ellsworth
Emily Ellsworth
04:26 17 Dec 19

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