Longmont Colorado homeowners can now get residential solar panels with zero cost upfront. Additionally, low-interest financing is available to area homeowners who want to switch to solar power and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and their public utility companies. Most exciting is the much shorter solar payback period than ever before and increased ROI in solar panels. Plus, the federal Investment Tax Credit of 26% for home solar panel installation is still in effect through 2022 (after which it will drop to a lower permanent rate).

Altogether, these changes have dramatically increased the rates of solar adoption. Today, the City of Longmont and Solarise Solar provide easy means for area homeowners to go solar.

Over the past half-decade, Solarise Solar has led the solar industry in helping transition Colorado to residential and commercial solar. As a result, solar panels for homes have increased by many thousands in Longmont and greater Colorado.

Colorado’s exciting advancement of solar installation marks a significant shift to green energy solutions in the Rocky Mountain region! Go solar today!

Why Boulder and Weld Counties are Ideal for Solar Panels

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The Longmont area of Colorado receives an average of more than 247 days of sunshine per year, compared to 248 days in Miami, Florida! This high number of sunny days makes Longmont a naturally suitable location for solar energy production. It presents an excellent opportunity for area homeowners who want to gain independence from the public power grid. Further, now that the State of Colorado has made a statewide commitment to transition to fully renewable energy sources by 2050, Longmont homeowners have become a critical part of the state’s initiative and its hope of success in Colorado going solar.

Solar Energy Incentives from The City of Longmont, Colorado

The city offers a generous payback program for net metering of solar production by homeowners. Under the city’s policy, homeowners are paid the retail rate for the excess electrical energy generated by their solar panels coming back onto the public grid. Homeowners are encouraged to see the city’s webpage on its residential electricity pay rates for more information on its payment rates for self-generated electricity.

Benefits of Solar Panels

Adding to the many benefits of solar panels, the current cost savings on monthly electricity bills now exceed the shrinking savings from solar panel price drops over the years. Due to the increasingly widespread adoption of solar energy, waiting to install solar panels now only offers a small savings year to year. Compared to the now more significant savings on monthly heating and cooling bills, the panels deliver, switching to solar has become an excellent option for real-time monthly cost savings.

Additional important benefits of solar energy production at home include:

  • Freedom from paying dependence on the public power grid.
  • After your solar panels are paid for in full, your electricity is free.
  • Solar panels have been shown to increase property values (NREL) significantly.
  • Reducing your dependence on fossil fuels makes you part of the solution to the global emissions problem.

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Every year, Solarise helps thousands of Colorado homeowners make the transition to solar energy. Our systems experts will customize a solar panel system that ideally fits your family's energy needs, property, and budget. Solarise installation specialists will then activate your new state-of-the-art solar energy system and advanced production monitoring technology so you can begin drawing electricity from the sun.

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