Switch to solar and slash your electric bill! Installing a solar energy system for your home can reduce or even eliminate your monthly electric bill, and the sooner you start using solar panels, the more you’ll save in the future. Along with the multiple significant cost benefits, there are other reasons to go solar.

First, you’ll save on your energy bills when your panels are installed. Then, after your panels are paid off in full, your electricity will be free every month. Today, it takes an average of only about 8.5 years to pay off solar panels. Let's look closer at the cost savings and multiple other significant benefits for Firestone residents who make the change to solar.

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What Makes Firestone An Ideal Place for Solar Panels?

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You may be surprised to hear that Firestone Colorado in Weld County has an average of 238 sunny days per year (compared to the national average of 205). That’s only ten fewer days than world-famous Miami, FL, the beach-goers’ paradise! South Beach registers about 248 days of sunshine annually! In other words, Firestone CO is an excellent location for solar panels. It’s a great place for homeowners who want to save money, live free from the power company grid, and be a part of the global green energy solution.

How To Make Money With Residential Solar Panels in Colorado!

With whole-home solar energy systems, many homeowners’ systems routinely generate excess electricity, which is routed onto the public power grid.

The utility company automatically pays the homeowner for that excess power. So, generating excess energy for your home increases your income!

The process of homeowners taking advantage of the opportunity to use their home solar panels to make some extra money is called net metering, or metering. Different states have different laws governing net metering. So, the level of financial gain you can generate by net metering depends on where your home is located.

In Colorado, under statute 40-9.5-118, homeowners are permitted to generate as much as 120% of their previous year’s electricity usage. For homeowners with high electric bills, 20% can present a significant opportunity to generate cash.

Another financial benefit of solar panels is that they increase property values by an average of $15,000, according to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

2022 Is the Time to Go Solar!

Overall, even with combined partial electricity bills and monthly solar panel payments, many homeowners save immediately compared to what they were paying just for their electric bills. How is that possible? First, there has been more and more widespread adoption of residential solar energy over the past 15 years. Because of the increasing solar use, naturally, as with all new popular technologies, solar panel systems prices have continued dropping a lot from one year to the next as the market base has grown.

In other words, solar panels cost much less now. Currently, the average time it takes to pay off a solar panel system is just 8.5 years, compared to nearly 20-year payback periods less than a decade ago.

Another point for making a move to solar this year is that the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is still at 26%, but only through 2022, after which it will drop to a lower amount. Combining that big ITC credit with the Colorado state sales and use tax exemption and the property improvement tax credit, the upfront costs of solar panel systems have become very affordable for Colorado homeowners.

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For Firestone residents who want independence from the grid and protection from rising energy rates, solar offers the most practical solution by far — hence its ballooning popularity. Solar panel owners are also protected from the risk of extended power outages due to increasing issues with public utility equipment, power line issues, etc.

The Bigger Reason to Go Solar

Of course, all the financial advantages that the industry and the States and Federal government offer solar consumers altogether now make solar a very economically appealing option. However, there is a greater purpose for going solar — one that transcends all the cost benefits. It’s about being a part of the solution to the greenhouse emissions crisis vs. continuing to contribute to the problem year after year.

Reducing your dependence on burning fossil fuel for home electricity is the single most impactful change that a family can make to help minimize your carbon footprint.

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