Thinking of going solar in Denver, CO? Look no further than Solarise Solar! Our solar company has built a reputation throughout the Denver metro area for our thorough communications, clear process, and quality solar arrays. From your first inquiry, through solar panel installation, our Denver, CO solar experts work closely with you to help you save you money and enable you to become energy independent. 

Solar Panel Installation for Homes in Denver, CO

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Denver receives an average of 245 sunny days annually, compared to the U.S. national average of just 205 days of sunshine. Solar energy users in Denver benefit from this high number of sunny days in reaching their solar energy goals and reducing their carbon footprint. This area of the country offers excellent conditions for solar energy production. This means that homeowners in Denver can expect to make an excellent return on investment in solar panel systems.

Why Should I Go Solar Now?

Each year you wait to start generating your electricity, and paying for your equipment is another year you’re missing the important benefits of going solar sooner. The energy cost savings and the security of independence from the power grid are just two of the advantages of starting your new life producing your electricity at home. The many significant benefits of solar panels for homes include:

  • Start saving money on your monthly heating and cooling bills.
  • Quit renting power production and work toward owning it instead, with combined solar and utility payments that may be less than your current electricity bill.
  • Get tax credits, rebates, and other Incentives. (These are decreasing every year.)
    Increase your property value, according to the U.S. Department of Energy report.
  • Realize a return on your investment when you reach your “solar payback date” and later start receiving free power after paying off your solar panels in full.
  • Enjoy energy independence, freedom from the historical rate increases by electric companies throughout the country because inflation and typical utility rates increase. With solar energy generation, your rate is locked in!
  • Start helping save the global environment by shrinking your carbon footprint.

Why Choose Solarise Solar?

Solarise Solar has helped thousands of homeowners and businesses get the best value in solar panels for homes in Colorado. Our solar experts will customize your solar energy system to serve your home energy needs and budget best. Our local Denver solar professionals provide the region’s best quality solar installation and customer service. Some benefits we offer our customers include:

  • Year-round solar installation service
  • 30-Year solar panel warranty
  • $0 down payment and low-interest financing (for qualified credit)
  • Solar panel system monitoring App

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