Today’s advanced solar energy systems generate continuously renewable power for homes, businesses, farms, hospitals, government operations, and many other electricity users. Solar panels are usually mounted either on the ground or rooftop. Ground-mounted solar panels offer a number of advantages for various kinds of use, and they can be placed in any area of a yard or farm field that receives sunlight during most daytime hours. 

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Here is some information about ground-mounted solar panels, to help you determine if this green energy system is best for your needs.

What is a Ground Mounted Solar Panel?

Ground mount solar panels are alternatives to rooftop solar panel systems. Ground mount panels are designed to be easily installed on a large ground space in a yard, empty lot. Ground mount solar panels are positioned for maximum absorption of the sun’s energy. Optional tracking devices enable panels to change positions along with the sun’s movement through the sky. The poles supporting ground mount panels can be sized to varying heights, to fit with the topography of the area.

Comparing Roof Mount to Ground Mount Solar Panels

Both roof and ground-mounted solar systems perform well and today are collectively generating a spectacular percentage of the world’s electrical power. There are some advantages to using a ground mount solar panels for some locations and usage purposes, for example:

  • Standard ground mounted solar panels can be installed at almost any location on your property that has enough sunlight and available space.

Roof mount solar panels limit installation to specific areas, as necessary to fit roof configurations and to comply with safety regulations and the architecture of the roof.

  • Ground mount versions can be placed with as much space between panels as needed for easy access, to make any needed adjustments, repairs, or perform ground maintenance.

Roof mounted panels often are installed with necessarily very little space remaining for walking around to perform roof maintenance, requiring the removal of solar panels to make repairs, etc.

  • Ground mounting allows mounting high enough above the ground to allow abundant airflow under the panels, which keeps them cooler and causes them to convert energy more efficiently.

Roof mount panels in solar energy systems are often somewhat less efficient, due to less airflow.

  • Ground mount solar panel racking systems offer the benefits of an expandable solar power system, enabling owners to multiply the amount of energy they produce on their properties.

Roof mount solar panels are installed on more limited spaces on rooftops, which do not typically offer the same potential for the installation of additional panels in the future.

  • Ground mount solar panels are simpler to install because they require only an area of solid, open ground that receives sunlight for most of the day.

Roof mount solar panel installation requires assessing architectural considerations, steps to ensure conformance with structural requirements, and compliance with a greater number of regulatory restrictions.

The Benefits of Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

After the initial investment in high-output solar panels, the equipment generates electrical energy for any needs at low cost and requires little if any maintenance throughout the life of the system. Ground mount panels are as effective and in some cases more effective than rooftop panels. Ground mount solar panels offer added benefits for many kinds of residential, business, industrial, agricultural, and other applications.


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Ground Mount Solar Panels for Residential Properties

Homes with solar energy systems can potentially obtain up to 100 percent of their electricity from their residential solar panels, according to some industry estimates. Still, sometimes families with solar panels on the roofs of their homes discover that they use more electricity than their solar energy systems can deliver. Often, there is no room on the roof to add panels. Ground mount systems solve this issue and provide other superior benefits.

  • Increased airflow below ground mount solar panels has a cooling effect, which promotes more efficient production of energy than panels mounted closely to roof surfaces.
  • Residential ground mounted solar systems enable the expansion of a home’s existing solar energy system.
  • If part or all of a home’s roof is not oriented at angles for maximizing the sun exposure for solar panels, the panels may be capturing much less energy from the sun to convert to electricity.
  • Ground mount solar panels, which also include a metal pole mount or a metal frame mount for the solar panels, can be equipped with tracking technology, to have them move along with the sun throughout the day.
  • Ground level mounted panels eliminate concerns about the need to remove solar panels from the roof or have people try to work around panels to perform roof maintenance, repairs, or eventual replacement.

Ground Mounted Solar Panels for Commercial Businesses

Using green energy is good for business. Solar energy systems save cost. Businesses may also qualify for rebates, tax credits, and other green-energy incentives. Many businesses with empty lots or unused ground space use ground mount solar panels. Properly installed, high-quality ground-mounted commercial solar panels transform a company into an up-to-date, environmentally-conscious operation. That profile enhances marketability and can increase profit margin. Ground mount panels may offer additional benefits:

  • Ground mount solar panels provide an option when no roof space is available.
  • Solar energy systems are enhancements that add value to commercial properties.
  • Almost any vacant area of the property can be transformed into an energy-production asset.
  • Generating solar energy to cut costs is a way to turn unused areas of commercial real estate into highly useful, profitable parts of the business.
  • In many cases, ground-mounted solar panels can be installed over parking lots, for dual purpose of producing energy and shading parked cars.
  • Ground mounted solar panels are exceptional marketing tools that reflect the excellent character of a brand that is sensitive to its audience’s interests.

Agricultural Operations

Farms, of course, need large amounts of power in a steady supply. Operations with unused areas of land have enough space to install a ground mount solar panels. A ground mounted array of solar panels can:

  • Generate clean power that is reliable anywhere where there is sunshine.
  • Eliminate some of the expenses and inconveniences of using diesel, propane, and kerosene.
  • Reduce energy costs for farming operations.
  • Produce usable energy for lighting and heating water and buildings and greenhouses.
  • Cause much less negative impact to the environment.
  • Provide energy for pumping water, running conveyors, operating dryers, electric fences, etc.

Businesses and Government Entities

Ground mounted solar panels can serve well in environments with large energy consumption needs. Industrial facilities, Apartment buildings, Subdivisions with HOAs, Hospitals, Government complexes, Schools, and many other property usage types are well served by this form of green energy production. Just some of the benefits from solar energy use these organizations could realize include the following:

  • Major electrical power users can save large amounts on energy costs.
  • Large collectives of users can realize enormous reductions in pressure on the energy grid.
  • When organizations go solar, they significantly reduce harmful emissions.
  • They elevate their image as a socially and environmentally conscious organization.
  • They set an example of economically responsible organizational leadership.
  • The leadership builds community confidence in the organization’s commitment to positive social and environmental impact.

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Considerations Before Buying Ground Mount Solar Panels

Some businesses and homeowners want to buy solar panels as soon as possible, and they may overlook important considerations to be addressed before moving forward with installation. Here are some fundamental things you can do to help ensure optimum performance over the expected life span of your solar energy system.

  • Solar energy panels vary in output capacity. Research the differences between high-quality solar energy products and lesser-quality alternatives. Investing in quality equipment avoids unnecessary repair and solar panel maintenance costs later.
  • Be aware of the best solar panel company for the kind of installation plan you need and others. Either product performance or installation quality can have a positive or negative effect on your business.
  • Make sure that ground mounted solar panel systems are installed in areas with low foot traffic.
  • Have a comprehensive site analysis, including a feasibility report of all equipment, installation, and any other cost of solar energy system purchase and installation.
  • Get answers on site selection and preparation, maintaining access, the number of panels needed, how solar energy production works, how metering works, who to contact at the electric company, and other frequently asked questions about ground mount solar panel systems.
  • Work only with a well-established and highly reputable seller and installer, who can provide an abundance of reputable references. Choose a solar energy expert with knowledge of all applicable solutions and extensive solar energy systems experience. This can help you avoid loss of profits and the need to make additional investments later.
  • There are substantial tax credits and rebates for purchases of solar panel systems after you install your solar energy system, but keep in mind that these incentives are decreasing each year.

If you want to convert to green operations, ground-mount solar panels are just one of the excellent options available to you. Start your selection process by having a comprehensive site analysis and a benefits evaluation. Those assessments will help in determining which solar energy system and/or other means of green energy production makes the best sense for your property and the range of ways you use it.

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Just a few of the benefits we offer our customers include:

  • Zero up-front investment, low-interest financing
  • Solar energy system monitoring
  • 30-year Warranty on solar panels

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