Solar Panel Installation on Roof Top - Residential Solar Panel Installation in Colorado

Solarise makes going solar in Aurora, CO a simple, trouble-free process. Our experts keep you fully informed throughout the solar panel installation process. After your system is installed and generating power for you, our real-time solar production monitoring App is tracking your system’s productivity and will alert us if any of the panels in your solar array have issues.

Since 2016, we’ve grown by delivering the very best value in residential solar panel installation in Colorado. That means we do what it takes to realize significant savings for our customers while delivering top-quality products and services.

Installing Solar Panels for Colorado Homes

We are fully committed to ensuring that your experience in going solar is stress-free, and that you are fully informed throughout the process. Going Solar with Solarise will save money on your electricity bills, generate a strong financial return on your investment, and help save the environment.

Our team’s 5-step process for transition from the public power to self-sustaining solar energy production includes:

  1. Custom design of your solar energy production system
  2. Consultation to ensure the ideal strategy for your solar panel system installation
  3. Obtaining all necessary permits for your solar energy system installation
  4. Complete installation of panels and all other system equipment
  5. Obtaining the required inspection and approval of your installed solar energy system

Your Solarise Solar team adheres to solar industry best practices through every detail of each step in the process of installing your new solar energy system and in servicing and supporting your system.

Solarise has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. This is evidence of our commitment to the best possible products, installation, and continued care for our customers. We understand the unique service needs of our customers during their transition to residential, commercial, and industrial solar panels. Solarise delivers that level of service and commitment to every customers’ long-term benefit from the solar energy system and service we provide.

Solar Energy in Aurora, Colorado

Aurora, Colorado receives an average of over 243 days of sunshine per year, compared to the national average of just 205. Aurora’s above-average number of sunny days helps local solar energy consumers reach their energy independence goals and reduce their carbon footprints. They also achieve their ROI goals for investment in solar energy production, with returns bolstered by the exceptional amount of annual sunshine here in Aurora.

Solar Panel Installed on Roof Top - Residential Solar Panel Installation in Aurora Colorado

Ready to Go Solar?

Going solar means you can start saving money right now on your monthly electricity bills. While you stop paying the utility company to provide you with power for your home or business and start owning it yourself, you can make payments that are less than your utility bills have been.

Investing in solar panels for homes increases property value. It generates a strong return on your investment, providing you with savings after reaching your “solar payback date” and supplying you with free electricity after paying off the panels in full.

Whether you are transitioning to residential, industrial, or commercial solar panels, you’re gaining energy independence and avoiding ongoing utility rate increases over the coming years. And, while enjoying all the above fantastic benefits of solar panels, you’re helping save the global environment.

Contact Solarise for Solar Panel Installation in Aurora, Colorado

Over just the past six years, Solarise Solar has helped over 13,000 customers throughout Colorado get the best value on solar energy systems for their homes and businesses. Our solar experts will customize a system to fit your energy production goals and budget, and our experienced installation specialists provide you with our industry’s highest quality of workmanship.

You can still take advantage of the federal ITC tax benefit available (but decreasing significantly every year). There are also still various possible state and local rebates in effect in many areas. We offer our customers zero down payment and low-interest financing. The Solarise 30-Year Warranty gives you peace of mind throughout the lifespan of your solar energy system.

Call Solarise Solar at (719) 716-8773, or contact us online for your FREE Energy Cost Analysis! We will provide a price estimate, financing details, and answers to all your questions about going solar.