The number of solar panel installations is increasing quickly in Colorado. The state's leadership has lunged forward with initiatives for broadscale civic and commercial solar installations. The state is now offering substantial incentives to homeowners for residential solar installation. Plus, generally, Colorado utility companies are still offering good rebates to customers who install solar energy systems.

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Why Solar Panels Work So Well In Frederick, Colorado

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Frederick, Colorado, receives 237 days of sunshine annually. That’s 32 days more than the national average of just 205 and just 11 days lower than the Miami, FL average of 248! So, Frederick CO is naturally as good or better for solar panels than so many other towns and cities in the United States, where solar energy use has been spreading rapidly.

The high number of sunshine days in Frederick and the greater Weld County area make going solar a great opportunity. Add the significant tax incentives mentioned above for solar panel installations, and the benefits are compounding quickly. But, there’s much more to the new level of opportunity solar now presents.

With increasing solar energy adoption, solar panel prices have plunged year after year. The average payback period for whole-home service residential solar panels is now down to just 8.5 to 11.5 years! With the state sales and use tax exemption, the property improvement tax, and the Federal Investment Tax Credit, solar panel systems have become very affordable for Colorado homeowners.

Car Dealership Goes Big In Solar in Frederick

Here’s an inspiring story that reflects the high level of confidence in the great benefits of solar adoption in Frederick, Colorado, that some of our most prominent businesses are demonstrating. Stapp Interstate Toyota in Frederick recently installed an extensive array of solar panels covering most of the large dealership’s inventory of cars. It is the first dealership in the world to do this.

The cost of the solar project was around two million dollars! Brion Stapp, the owner, explained to a local reporter, "We have 720 bi-facial solar panels producing over 375,000 kilowatts an hour on an annual basis." The panels are saving the company about $8,000 per month on electricity. The owner said he hopes his company’s example will inspire more area businesses to transition to solar.

Why Go Solar Now Vs. Waiting for A Little Longer?

Solar panel system installations have become much more widespread throughout the U.S. over the past 10 years or so. As a result, the continuous drop in solar panel prices has slowed and is predictably leveling off at last. So, the financial incentive to wait another year to go solar is now much smaller than the savings a homeowner makes on reduced electricity bills with solar energy.

There are other important benefits of switching to solar energy for your home sooner instead of later:

  • Save on your monthly electricity cost even when your reduced utility bill is combined with your solar panel payment.
  • Receive the IRS Investment Tax Credit of 26% through 2022. (After this year, it drops to a permanently much lower rate.)
  • Adding solar panels increases property values by an average of $15,000 (per Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory).

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  • Have free electricity after your solar panels are paid for in full, which now takes about 8.5. to 11.5 years on average.
  • Enjoy independence from the public power grid, freedom from rising utility rates, and the risk of extended power outages.
  • Be a part of the solution to the greenhouse gas emissions crisis by reducing your dependence on fossil fuel burning to power your home.

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