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3 Options for Solar Panel Installation at Your Home

If you want your own solar panels, but have been concerned about not having sufficient space above your house, there are other excellent placement options. Solar panels can free you from dependence on the grid, reduce and eventually eliminate your electricity bill, and help you minimize your carbon footprint. They also increase property values. 

Here are the most popular options for mounting solar panels for homes, commercial buildings, or on open ground spaces:

Roof Mount Solar Panels

The most common placement of residential solar panels in Colorado and throughout the country is on the roof of the home or commercial building. If your house or business has enough available space, the rooftop placement of your solar panels may be the right option for you.

Solar panels should be professionally attached to your home’s roof for secure operation. Your roof should be inspected prior to having solar panel roof installation, to ensure that repair or replacement is completed beforehand. This can avoid the expensive problem of having to have the panels removed and reinstalled within a short time after installation if you soon discover you need to have roof work done.

Work only with a reputable solar installation company with professionals that are well experienced in residential and/or commercial rooftop systems, as applicable for your needs. Check the Better Business Bureau status, and check the company’s online reviews. Also, ask for customer references, and be sure to follow through with those contacts.

Ground Mount Solar Panels

If your available roof space is very limited or is not the best location for maximum sun exposure on your property, ground panels may be the right option for you. If you have a good space on the ground with sufficient hours of sunlight, the ideal option for your property may be ground-mount solar panels.

Ground-mounted panels are installed using metal framing anchored deep in the ground. Panels in a standard ground-mounted solar panel array are positioned to stay fixed at a set angle, but some systems can be adjusted to compensate for the sun’s changing positions in the sky.

Pole-mounted solar panels can be used to elevate panels above ground to capture maximum sunlight. Built-in tracking technology can be used to follow the path of the sun.

Carport Mount Solar Panels

A third excellent option is one that homeowners and businesses too often don’t realize can be done — carport solar installations. Carport solar panels can be a great alternative if your home’s roof isn’t configured suitably for solar panels, or if it won’t fit the number of panels needed to generate as much electricity as you want to produce.

At a residence, a carport structure can be built over a section of the driveway or over other areas used for parking. At commercial parking areas, solar arrays can be installed on top of existing covered parking structures.

Carport mounted solar panel systems are more similar to ground mount solar panels than to roof-mount solar panel systems. The equipment designed for carport mounting is frequently the better choice for ease of installation and use.

Go Solar Your Way!

There are additional options for making the most of your investment in your solar energy system, from the ability to monitor your system’s energy output in real-time with the Solarise App, to battery storage that maximizes the solar energy your system captures and helps minimize your reliance on the utility company.

Your team of solar panel systems experts will guide you through the best options for your home or business energy needs, panel locations, and budget. With such a great range of excellent alternatives, you’ll easily discover the ideal way for you to go solar.

Contact Solarise for Solar Panel Installation in Colorado

Solarise Solar has helped thousands of Colorado homeowners and businesses get the best value in solar energy systems. Our experts will customize a solar panel system that ideally fits your energy production needs and budget. Our solar installation specialists provide the highest quality of workmanship and customer service in our industry.

We provide a 30-Year Solar Panel Warranty. We offer zero down payment and low-interest financing. You can still take advantage of the 26% ITC tax credit for the rest of this year (2021), plus other possible incentives. Just search “solar installers near me,” or contact Solarise Solar to find the location nearest to you. We’re here to answer all your questions about going solar at your home or business.

Call Solarise Solar, Colorado Springs CO at (719) 733-9979, or contact us online to request your FREE Energy Cost Analysis and an estimate for a solar energy system to fit your specific needs and budget.

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