Homeowners can get the industry’s best value in solar panels for homes from Solarise Solar right here in Lakewood, Colorado. Owning your own residential solar panels has become increasingly popular in Lakewood and throughout Jefferson County due to the exceptionally high number of sunny days received annually, and the plunging prices for solar panel installation over the decades of solar growth.

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Key Reasons Why Solar Is Spreading in Lakewood

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Switching to residential solar power is made easy by the City of Lakewood, the State of Colorado, and Solarise Solar:

  1. The City of Lakewood Colorado has been achieving amazing progress in going solar at the local government level!
  2. Since the State of Colorado set forth its initiative to complete a full conversion to green energy sourcing by 2050, the shift to residential solar is a key priority.
  3. Solarise experts are ready to bring state-of-the-art solar technology to area homeowners quickly with the latest installation advancements.
  4. The prospect of widespread solar adoption in Lakewood represents an exciting opportunity for homeowners to drive our area’s transition to renewable energy.

The City of Lakewood, CO – A Leader in Municipal Solar!

The City of Lakewood is an inspiration to municipal governments everywhere! The city is proving that small towns can succeed in powering public facilities with solar energy!

Lakewood residents certainly have a lot to feel great about when it comes to the city’s commitment to lead the national conversion of small towns to solar. Last year, the Lakewood city government used over 2 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of solar energy to supply municipal facilities and public operations. That slashed the town’s greenhouse gas emissions for the year by over 2.1 million pounds of CO2!

The City of Lakewood now supplies 100% of the electricity used or nearly that amount at its many publicly-owned facilities from renewable energy sources! This includes Heritage Lakewood Belmar Park and a total of around a dozen public parks. It also includes the building in which the local Head Start and Early Childhood Education programs operate, the Washington Heights Art Center, and other city facilities.

Lakewood continues to expand the municipality’s portfolio of renewable energy applications at properties under its authority. Altogether, the city of Lakewood is making admirable progress toward its aggressive objectives of reducing harmful emissions and high energy bills.

The town government appears to be on a veritable march toward its larger goal of making the Lakewood community’s vision for greater reliance on renewable energy a reality. That goal is to supply no less than 45% of its community electrical needs with renewable energy by 2025.

Why Home Solar Panels in Lakewood Make So Much Sense

Some people are surprised to learn that Lakewood, Colorado receives an annual average of 300 days of sunshine. This fact makes residential solar a natural fit for homeowners in Lakewood. Now, as mentioned, after decades of dropping prices as solar has become more common — solar panel systems are more affordable than ever. The average solar payback period is now only about 8.5 years.

Solarise in Lakewood provides the best solar panel systems for homes, with zero upfront cost and low-interest financing. Further, the State of Colorado’s energy initiative to facilitate low-cost residential solar will enable many more homeowners to access the benefits of solar panels. And, the substantial Federal ITC credits on income tax returns for residential solar investment are still available. (But, that incentive will be reduced again after 2022.)

So, altogether, it’s an ideal time for Lakewood homeowners to take advantage of easy access to solar with significant cost savings and gain freedom from the grid.

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The State of Colorado has committed to a complete transition to renewable energy by 2050. So, every homeowner now plays a critical part in achieving that collective economic and environmental success to benefit all Coloradans and the world.

Installing solar panels also increases property values, according to research from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). So, that marks another success for Lakewood homeowners who switch to solar energy.

Best Solar Panel Systems in Lakewood, CO

Solarise Solar has helped many thousands of homeowners in Lakewood and throughout Colorado get the solar energy industry’s best value in residential solar panel systems. We install state-of-the-art solar energy equipment customized to meet needs in your home and fit your budget.

Solarise provides an industry-leading 30-year solar warranty, the Solarize guarantee, and our workmanship warranty.

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