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About Penrose City, Colorado

Named after Spencer Penrose, Penrose City has an estimated population of 3,176 and is located between Canon City and Pueblo. A member of Fremont County, Penrose maintains its small-town feel with no traffic lights and a volunteer-run fire station. It has a single elementary school, a doctor’s office, a library, a post office, and grocery store. One of Penrose’s nicknames is the “Model Rocket Capital of the World” since Penrose is home to the Estes Industries model rocket factory.
While there are a few businesses and government-related places of employment in Penrose, much of Penrose’s residents work outside of the city of Penrose. Penrose citizens work in other neighboring cities in Colorado such as Canon City, Florence, and in Colorado Springs. The majority of the people who live in Penrose own their own homes. People who move to Penrose City tend to love living there and prefer to stay thanks to its rural feel and small-town vibes.
Penrose’s geographic location positions it as one of the most pleasant places in Colorado when it comes to the weather patterns in the area. In fact, the average number of sunny days in Penrose City is 259. This is higher than the U.S. average of 205 sunny days which is encouraging for anyone considering solar power systems for their homes and/or businesses. Penrose residents won’t have to worry about the lack of sun preventing them from truly benefiting from choosing the renewable energy that comes from sunlight.