Colorado homeowners are adopting solar panel systems in ever-increasing numbers statewide. Solarise Solar has helped many thousands of homeowners and businesses throughout the region make the transition to solar. With Colorado’s commitment to convert to 100% renewable energy by 2050, the residential shift to solar is key to becoming a green energy state. Fortunately, multiple municipalities in the Denver metro area have already been transitioning most, or even all, of their public facilities to solar power. Now, add the exciting increase in the ROI in residential solar panels as prices have steadily fallen over the years. Altogether, going solar in Thornton, CO, just 10.3 miles from Denver, has become more financially appealing for individuals and more collectively environmentally impactful than ever! The role of Solarise in the great transition to solar continues to be in assisting Colorado homeowners and businesses in obtaining the best available value in solar panel systems. We provide low-interest financing with no upfront cost on residential systems.

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Why Is Solar Ideal For Thornton, CO Homeowners!

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Did you know that Thornton receives over 245 days of sunshine annually on average? To put that number in perspective, Miami FL has 248, and the national average is just 205. That means towns throughout Adams and Arapahoe Counties are ideal locations for solar energy production, rivaling the national sun-tanning capital! Due to this high number of sunny days per year across the area, solar presents a natural opportunity for Thornton homeowners. For people who want freedom from the grid and future rising utility costs, and who want to minimize their dependence on fossil fuel burning, Thornton, CO is a great locale. The City of Thornton has its own ambitious solar initiative to reduce emissions by 30% over the coming years. In keeping with that objective, the City now makes rooftop solar free for low-income homeowners. Solarise handles the permit process, making solar panels fully accessible for property owners.

Why Solar Adoption Is Increasing So Rapidly in Colorado

There are many reasons why increasing numbers of Adams County homeowners are transitioning to solar panel systems:

  • The exceptionally high number of sunny days annually in Adams County.
  • An endless supply of clean renewable energy – free after solar panels are paid for in full.
  • No risk of power loss during public utility outages.
  • Colorado is offering low-cost home solar opportunities to make solar accessible.
  • Solarise offers Thornton homeowners solar panel systems with low-interest financing and no upfront cost.
  • Prices for solar energy systems have continued dropping over the past decade, making solar now more affordable than ever.
  • The federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar panels has been shrinking over the past decade as solar adoption has become more widespread. However, it is still a significant savings through 2022, after which it will drop to a permanently lower percentage rate.
  • The utility cost savings are typically now greater for homeowners than the negligible savings to be gained by waiting to switch to solar energy.
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  • Own your own power production system instead of relying on the utility company.
  • Home solar equipment payments and partial monthly electric bills combined are now often less than a homeowner’s current electric bill alone.
  • Solar panels can increase property values by over 4%, per National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) research.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and be part of the solution to runaway global emissions.

Solar Panels and Installation In Thornton, CO

Are you interested in the many essential advantages of solar panels for Thornton homeowners? Solarise Solar energy systems experts will provide you with a FREE Energy Analysis to determine the number of solar panels you need to accommodate your energy needs and budget on your property. We will then design a customized system composition and configuration for your property. Solarise provides solar financing to fit most budgets. Our solar panel installation experts will then install a state-of-the-art solar energy equipment system with advanced output monitoring and reporting technology for real-time tracking on your phone and desktop. Plus, we provide you with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. The Solarise 30-Year Panel Warranty, one of the industry’s best warranties, gives you peace of mind throughout the decades to come.

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