The future of energy production will be increasingly greener, and solar is the centerpiece of the green energy global transformation currently underway. Why? Solar energy is renewable, abundant, and producing it is becoming cheaper every year. People throughout the U.S. are moving to solar. Below are four essential reasons for switching from fossil fuel burning to a solar energy system for powering your home.

Why are Solar Panels Better than Electricity Bills?

A solar energy system offers a less costly home energy alternative for homeowners who want to reduce their utility bills and invest safely in home improvement. 

Here are the basic reasons why the popularity of residential solar panels have been growing at an increasing rate over recent years:

Solar Reduces Your Energy Costs

Are solar panels worth it? Imagine not paying the electric company large bills every month. The financial benefits of lower monthly costs for electricity are among the biggest motivations for people who choose to go solar. Typically, payments for a solar energy system are less than the utility bill, and that payment cannot go up as electric rates do. Then, your solar panel system gives you free power after they’re paid for in full. The financial benefits include:

●        You save significantly on electricity bills.

●        Ultimately, own your own free power production system.

●        Get solar rebates, tax credits, and other incentives.

●        Avoid rising utility costs due to inflation and rate increases.

●        You achieve energy independence.

The precise amount of cost savings you will realize by using solar panels depends on:

●        Amount of your electricity consumption

●        Total hours of daily sunlight at your latitude

●        Size of your solar energy system

●        Angle of your roof surface (unless you install ground mount panels)

●        Rates per kilowatt-hour (kWh) charged by your local electric company

●        Cost differential between buying or leasing your system

Solar Panels Increase Your Property Value

Solar panel installation is a major home improvement that significantly increases property values. At least one industry study suggests that it can raise the resale value of a home by a larger margin than a kitchen renovation.

Keep in mind that only purchased solar energy systems can increase the property value. Leased systems cannot have the same effect on a home’s sale value. Also, remember that certain market variables such as local electricity rates and the size and quality of the solar energy system on a home can be factors in the amount of home value increase.

Green Energy Helps Save the Environment

Stopping your dependence on fossil fuel burning to power your house helps preserve the planet’s ecosystem. When you go green with solar, every kWh of solar energy generated by your residential system reduces greenhouse gas emissions such asCO2 and other hazardous environmental pollutants, including nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, and airborne particulates, among others.

Solar Panels Work Anywhere in the U.S.

The United States has the potential to utilize a vast resource for solar energy. For perspective, a single hour of intense sunlight can meet much of the country’s electricity demand for an entire year. The majority of states have great untapped solar resources. Even homeowners living in Alaska can reduce energy costs through solar production.

To Buy Solar or Pay Electric Bills?

If you are paying an external provider to supply your home with power, the electric bills never stop coming, and you have no control over what you’ll pay in the future. Your electric company can continue to raise their rates. Owning your own solar power generating equipment allows you to live free from the risk of unexpected increases. That means you will receive a return on your investment after your system is paid off.

Enjoying the sense of financial freedom from the utility company and the peace of mind that comes with producing power for yourself is a more practical way to manage home energy needs. Plus, if you over-produce, you can receive credit from the utility company for producing power that they buy from you!

Why Choose Solarise?

Solarise Solar has been helping Colorado homeowners and businesses get the best possible value in their solar energy system investment since 2016. We customize your solar panel system for your property and your budget.

We can examine your recent electricity bill and determine how many solar panels are needed. We then add the cost of financing, if you choose to make payments. Important benefits that Solarise Solar offers our customers include:

●        Zero down payment. No cost up-front

●        Low-interest financing

●        The industry’s highest standard of workmanship

●        30-Year Warranty for peace of mind throughout the life of the system

●        The highest standards of professional customer service

●        Monitoring of your solar energy system with both desktop and mobile apps


Call Solarise Solar, Colorado Springs CO at (719) 716-8773,  for a FREE Energy Cost Analysis and estimate of panel totals, solar energy cost, financing, and other information.

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