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7 Ways to Honor Earth Day Every Day

The human impacts on the environment that are causing climate change are becoming ever more disturbing. There are rising temperatures, relentless wildfires, mega-storms, melting glaciers, and disappearing species. It appears clear enough that everyone and everything on earth will ultimately be affected by the choices we’re making while it’s our turn to make a difference. There are some essential adjustments we each can make to help reverse the environmental damage and cultivate a healthier habitat.

What Can I Do Every Day To Help the Environment?

The rate of individuals and local governments adopting green alternatives is increasing year by year. In fact, the trend is causing the growth of the green energy industry to spectacularly outpace the average employment growth rate of all job sectors in the United States. That’s the good news. But, of course, there’s more we each need to do.

Here are some green alternatives we can each adopt by updating our technologies for residential use and/or making other essential changes in our daily habits:

Reduce Your Home Electricity Use

Develop a habit of turning on electrical appliances and devices only when necessary to help reduce fossil fuel burning. For example:

  • Only run the dishwasher and clothes washer when they’re full.
  • Install low-flow faucets to reduce the use of your water heater.
  • Use energy-saving light bulbs.
  • Weather seal around all windows, doors, and openings for pipes and power cables. Choose EPA EnergyStar® rated appliances when replacing old models.
  • Turn off lights in unoccupied rooms.
  • Install dusk to dawn controls on exterior security lighting.
  • Install a smart thermostat for optimum temperature control when you’re not at home.

Switch to An Electric Vehicle

Finally, the demand for electric vehicles is now rapidly rising. Some manufacturers have already exceeded the federal thresholds for maximum EV customer tax credits. A major U.S. funding initiative has been approved for EV charging stations throughout the country. Manufacturers are preparing for broader rollouts of mainstream consumer EVs over the next several years. When it’s time to trade your vehicle, consider becoming part of the trend and the inevitable full transition of the country away from fossil fuel-burning cars.

Go Solar at Home & Office

Of course, the most effective strategy for living a lifestyle that helps preserve the environment is to switch to a clean energy source to power your home. High output solar panels are today’s most practical solution for dramatically reducing a family’s carbon footprint. Sunlight is converted to electricity without generating harmful greenhouse emissions. Further, a streamlined solar storage battery maintains steady power in your home during periods while your system is not drawing power directly from the sun.

Grow a Garden

Home gardening offers multiple significant benefits. It can be therapeutic. Working the earth is known for its relaxing quality, and being moderately active out in the fresh air and sunshine is invigorating. Adding vegetation to your yard produces more oxygen than a grass lawn. Plus, growing your own fresh vegetables saves driving roundtrips to the supermarket and all the fuel involved in commercial growth and nationwide distribution of fresh produce. The seed residuals also feed birds and beneficial insects. Plant fruit trees for similar practical benefits, plus added window shade to help reduce cooling bills in warm months.

Cut Back On Your Meat Consumption

Reducing your consumption can help make a big positive impact on the ecosystem. According to UN global research, livestock generates 9% of human-associated CO2 emissions and 65% of nitrous oxide (hundreds of times more damaging than CO2). Just cutting down on weekly meat consumption is a key solution to reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions. So, consider exchanging some of your meat-based meals each week with vegetable-based entrees.

Use Green Cleaning Products

Many traditional cleaning chemicals contain non-biodegradable agents that contaminate local water systems with toxins. A wider selection of environmentally safe household cleaning products is available now than ever before. You can replace many, if not all the usual daily cleaning agents with safer options at little or no increased cost, and they perform just as well. Take a minute to examine the information on the label to be sure what you’re buying is actually eco-friendly and includes the necessary agents to do the job.

Recycle at Home and Work

Using your area’s recycling service and purchasing reusable or recycled items to supply and equip your home can help significantly reduce the world’s waste. As more people adopt sustainable habits, the minor changes add up to have a significant combined impact. For just a few examples of individual recycling that can collectively have a major environmental impact:

  • Use cloth shopping bags instead of paper or plastic.
  • Use cloth dish towels and napkins instead of paper.
  • Use refillable water bottles, straws, and food containers, instead of single-use ones.
  • Recycle bottles, cans, plastic bags, and other items.
  • Recycle used clothing, coats, furniture, and household items by donating.
  • Recycle unwanted computers, cell phones, appliances, and automobiles.

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