Among the year-end assessments of multitudinous products as the best of their kind this year, the reviews of the 2022 best electric vehicles (EVs) stand out in importance. U.S. News and World Report offers a comprehensively considered analysis and reports its rankings of the top EV models in cars and SUVs and for luxury models as well. We’ve extracted some key information from the U.S. News report and are sharing it below to help you become introduced to the EV options currently on the market and compare some of the best models.

How are the EV Rankings Determined?

U.S. News researchers analyze reviews of new cars and use their results to determine a score for each new car type that reflects findings from reviews by professional auto industry car critics published in major auto industry reports and reviews in broader news publications. The EV value analysis involves assessments of the vehicle’s performance, safety, and fuel economy. Additional criteria are considered in the rankings based on other key rating factors that data indicates are of high interest to prospective EV consumers.

Best Electric Vehicles 2022

Here are the top-ranked electric cars and electric luxury cars for 2022, based on the U.S. News study results:

Best Electric Cars 2022

FIRST: 2022 Chevrolet Bolt

The Bolt is this year’s top-rated EV based on the report of the US News data analysis. The report describes the vehicle’s handling as “athletic” and its powertrain as “potent,” even “playful.” The summary of the Bolt emphasizes its long driving range and quiet engine.

Rating: 8.4 Gas Mileage: City 127 and Hwy 108 MPG MSRP: from $31,500

SECOND: 2023 Nissan Leaf

The Leaf is praised in the report for its abundance of safety and tech features and the outstanding and “energetic” experience the vehicle offers drivers. The summary of the Leaf mentions its relatively shorter driving distance limit and somewhat slower charging capacity, which are offset by this Nissan’s attractive price range.

Rating: 7.4 Gas Mileage: City 121-123 and Hwy 98-99 MPG MSRP: from $27,800

THIRD: 2023 MINI Electric Hardtop

The Mini Electric Hardtop 2023 model is known for its highly responsive acceleration and overall handling as well as its many standard features. The U.S. News summary of the MINI notes its shorter driving distance than other EVs and its comparatively less smooth ride and smaller interior.

Rating: 7.2 Gas Mileage: City 119 and Hwy 100 MPG MSRP: from $29,900

Top-Ranked Electric SUVs

FIRST: 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5

This year’s Ioniq 5 is an EV designed to serve as the new industry standard bearer by which all other electric SUVs will be judged. Industry researchers for the U.S. News evaluative study were highly impressed with virtually all the features of the vehicle that are involved in the ranking. Those include the SUV’s agility and quick acceleration.

Rating: 8.6 Gas Mileage: City 110-132 and Hwy 87-98 MPG MSRP: from $43,650

SECOND: 2022 Kia EV6

The Kia EV6 is the most recent SUV product entering the EV market. According to the report, the 2022 model appears to be on track to become one of its most competitive. The car is recognized for its impressive performance and relatively high overall value. The EV6 is said to be notably fun to drive and has a distance limit of over 300 miles between charging.

Rating: 8.5 Gas Mileage: City 116-136 and Hwy 94-101 MPG MSRP: from $40,900

THIRD: 2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E

Ford’s 2023 Mustang Mach-E has impressed researchers with a long all-electric driving distance, many standard features, and a roomy interior. It’s noted, however, that the repeated price increases have ultimately reduced the overall value that buyers receive in the Mach-E.

Rating: 8.4 Gas Mileage: City 90-110 and Hwy 77-96 MPG MSRP: from $46,895

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