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Use Your Solar Panels to Charge Your EV

Solar panels and electric cars are a perfect pair. Installing your own solar energy system for your home can give you all the electricity you need to supply your house and a solar car charger. That means you can meet all your household electricity needs with clean, emission-free, renewable energy by using solar for your home and electric vehicle (EV). 

The cost of solar panels continues to drop, and more car companies are now either already producing or tooling up to start manufacturing EVs. So, most people can now have a solar lifestyle that includes a solar-powered home and a charger for electric cars. 

Can Solar Panels be Used to Charge Electric Cars?

Yes, solar panels generate enough electrical power to charge an electric car with solar panels the same way you provide energy for everything else that requires electricity in your home. Just adding more panels to your original solar array or later installing a small supplementary solar system can deliver plenty of power to charge the battery in your solar powered vehicles.

How Much Solar Energy is Needed to Charge an EV?

Look up the EPA fuel economy rating for the electric vehicle you have chosen. Using that rating, you can calculate the amount of electricity you’ll need from your solar energy system to charge your EV. This is how much extra electricity your solar panel system will need to generate to power a solar electric car

Your solar engineer will use the EPA’s information to work with you on designing a solar panel system for your home that will produce enough power to supply your household and your EV. 

If you’re not ready to get a solar panel system and an electric car at the same time, you can install a system with enough capacity to include a charger for your solar powered car when you get one.  

How Many Solar Panels are Needed to Charge an EV?

There are various good options for ensuring that you will have plenty of solar power from your home solar panels to supply your household and your EV whenever you decide to get one. Here are some options for doing that:

  1. Add an inverter for increased solar power capacity.
  2. Choose micro-inverters for your individual solar panels.
  3. Add a small supplemental solar energy system.
  4. Include your future power needs with an EV in your solar installation.

Adding more solar panels to allow for future building expansions, more electrical devices, a solar-powered electric vehicle charging station, etc., maybe your most practical option overall. 

Your Solarise Engineer Will Configure Panels for Your Needs

Your Solarise solar expert will use the EPA electric vehicle mileage rating to calculate for you how much additional energy your solar panels must produce to supply an EV charging station. Then, when you’re ready, our solar installation specialists will provide you with high-value solar panels and system equipment tailored to your specific needs and the budget you have set.  

For solar panel information, call Solarise Solar at (719) 315-3034, or contact us here on our website to schedule your free home Energy Analysis and estimate.

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