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Qualities to Prioritize in a Solar Panel Installer

Qualities to Prioritize in a Solar Panel Installer  

With the ever-increasing popularity of residential and commercial solar, there are many options of residential solar installers available for you. We encourage you to compare services, equipment quality, costs, and the reputation of your local solar installers. To help you get started, below is the list of priorities to look for in solar installation services.

Qualities to Demand in Solar Installation Services

In doing your research on Colorado or Utah solar installers, the following are the most important qualities you should be looking for in a solar panel systems installation company:

Company Reputation

A well-established high-quality local solar installation provider can be expected to have a long list of customers with positive things to say about their service. Customer comments are often published, so you can view many online and compare. Avoid installers with numerous reviews from dissatisfied customers. Also, ask for several references with contact information so you can speak with some current or former customers first-hand.

Licensing, Insurance, Certifications

At a minimum, be sure that the solar installers you consider can comply with local code and industry standards. Your solar panel installer for proof of the required licenses, insurance coverage, certifications, and permits. This will probably include a business license, an electrician's license, liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance, various certifications from local area government agencies, and installation permits.

NOTE: Hiring non-licensed electricians for solar equipment installation voids the warranties on your solar component products. It also puts you and other occupants of your home at a safety risk.

Long-Term Support Services

You should consider the solar panel installation company's demonstrated commitment to high-quality post-installation services, including troubleshooting, repairs, parts replacement, maintenance, and providing guidance and information.

If your home is off the electrical grid, such services are critical because you’re relying entirely on your solar panels for all your home’s power. Confirm that your solar equipment installation service provides ongoing troubleshooting and routine maintenance services.

Solar Warranty

Make sure you are clear on all the essential solar warranty inclusions of all the individual component products that make up your solar energy system and coverage for the installation work. Beware of solar installers who hand off the product warranties to you from the solar equipment manufacturers but do not offer warranty coverage of their own installation work.

Be clear on how long the installer’s customer support service contract will be in effect and specifically what is covered.

Local Operations

Working with a local solar installation company typically means that you will receive better service. A locally operating solar team understands the terrain on which the panels will be installed. They also have first-hand experience with maximizing solar panel performance based on their experience with the area weather patterns and all other considerations in specific solar equipment choices and panel installation options.

These are also essential factors in maintaining solar panels and accompanying system equipment. Search “solar installers near me” to find local operators. They’re more familiar with municipal rules and regulations affecting residential solar arrangements on properties.

Best Solar Panel Installation Service, Colorado

For more information about solar energy systems, installation, and maintenance services, speak with one of our residential solar experts. Solarise provides the industry’s highest level of workmanship quality in solar panel installation and a 30-year solar panel warranty, giving our customers outstanding long-term protection.

Ask about our $0 down and low-interest financing.

If you’re considering solar panels for your home, call Solarise Solar at (719) 315-3034, or contact us here online to schedule your FREE solar assessment.

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Is My Roof Good for Solar?

Is Your Roof Good for Solar Panels?  

Living free from the grid and using sunlight to produce your own electricity at home is a wonderful opportunity to make the most of your financial and natural resources. But, it’s a substantial investment. So, you need to be sure it really makes sense to plan for solar panel installation at your property. First, you’ll need to determine whether you would install solar panels on roof space or use ground mount panels. If you have rooftop installation in mind, you need to have an assessment of your roof as a potential location for solar panels.

If your roof checks out as a sound choice for solar panel installation, the Solarise team will custom design a system to maximize the benefits of placing panels on your rooftop.

Is My Roof Good for Solar Panel Installation?

The five considerations below will together be the determining factors of whether your home’s roof is a viable structure, location, and orientation for solar panel roof installation:

Age of the Roof

You will probably need to replace your roof at some point during the life of your solar panels. Removing the panels when necessary is relatively quick and easy for professionals to do in many cases. But, at the time of your initial solar panel installation, you do not need to replace an older roof if it is in good condition, without any damage or leaks. However, if your roof will need replacement within the next three years, we suggest that you replace the roof before installing solar panels. That way, you won’t have to remove your solar panels so soon after they’ve been installed to replace the roof.

Roof Size

The size of your home’s roof restricts the number of solar panels that you can have installed on it. Of course, the more panels you have working for you, the more electricity you can produce to meet your household’s needs. To produce abundant energy for your home, the roof must be big enough to fit multiple solar panels. If there is not enough roof space for all the panels you need with a solar panel roof mount installation, you can install ground-mounted panels anywhere you have some space on your property.

Roof Orientation

Because the United States is in the Northern Hemisphere, sun exposure is fullest on a roof that faces west, east, or south! Roofs facing north receive the least amount of daily sun exposure. That limits the potential for sufficient electrical power production by solar panels. But, if just a part of the roof faces north, it may be a good location for solar panels, especially if additional panels will be installed in a space with an eastern, western, or southern exposure!

Shade on Roof

As emphasized elsewhere in our discussion here, abundant sun exposure is the most critical necessity for solar panels to produce well. With too many tall trees, chimneys, and neighboring buildings blocking too much of the daily sunshine from hitting the panels, the amount of energy produced is substantially reduced. Again, some shade on solar panels may still allow enough light for the panels to produce efficiently. But, you should consider cutting back some trees as needed to eliminate as much shade as possible on the panels.

Degree of Roof Angle

Naturally, your roof’s angle will have either a positive or negative impact on your solar panel system’s potential for abundant energy production to power your home. It is recommended to install solar panels on roofs that are angled from 0 to 45 degrees for maximum efficiency in solar energy production. We can install ballasts for angling panels on flat roofs to directly face the sun.

For Solar Panel Site Assessment, Call Solarise.

Our residential solar panel systems design experts can customize an ideal system for your energy needs within just about any budget. Solarise installation specialists provide our industry’s highest standard of workmanship in installing solar panels on roofs. We also offer an outstanding solar panel warranty (30 years) for your long-term protection.

$0 downpayment and low-interest financing

For questions about solar panels for your home, call Solarise Solar at (719) 315-3034, or contact us here on our website to schedule a FREE solar assessment.

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