Why is Solarise Solar the Number one choice of Colorado homeowners for solar panel installation near Colorado Springs? Because the overall value we deliver to our customers is unsurpassed in Colorado and the broader western US region. We help homeowners get the very best value for their investment in solar panel systems.
If you are looking for solar panel installation companies deeply committed to superior quality installation and providing the best customer service in the industry, contact Solarise Solar in Colorado Springs, CO.

Where to Buy Solar Panels in Colorado

We encourage you to compare solar panel systems installation services in the region if you are considering renewable energy. That way, you can be confident that you have made the best possible choice in working with Solarise Solar, the most trusted solar installation company in Colorado. We have built our brand reputation on consistently delivering what you should look for in a solar panels installer.
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What Makes Solarise the Top Solar Panel Installer in Colorado Springs, CO?

Our Company Reputation As a top-quality local solar panel systems installation service, we have many outstanding customer reviews to help you get a better sense of what the Colorado Springs community thinks about our services.
Licenses, Insurance, Certifications We have the resources to ensure compliance with all of the highest solar industry standards and local codes. We also have all required licenses, insurance coverages, and certifications from state and local government agencies. We obtain any permits required to install solar panels in Colorado Springs.

Customer Support Services

Solarise solar panel installation services and customer support are the industry's best. Every day, we demonstrate our deep commitment to high-quality services, including troubleshooting, replacement, repairs and maintenance, and providing ongoing guidance for our customers.

Solar Warranty

Solarise Solar offers among the best warranties in our industry. Your solar panel product warranty covers the equipment for 30 years and guarantees a minimum 90% productivity rate up to 10 years and then a minimum of 80% for 30 years.

Local Provider

As a local solar service, we understand the particular needs of customers in this area, such as the terrain at any property where panels are to be installed. We also know how to maximize solar panel performance with specific solar equipment options that make the best sense for the local weather patterns, etc.


Solarise Solar Panel Installation Process

A Solarise installation project expert will guide you through the solar installation process modified for your particular needs and property configuration. Here is an overview of the straightforward process:


A Solarise Solar systems engineer will work closely with you to answer all your questions. We will conduct an Energy Cost Analysis to help determine how many solar panels you will need to run part of your home or for whole-home solar, so you can decide what amount of your needed electricity you want to obtain from your solar panels.


We design your solar energy system based on the outcome of the solar analysis we performed at your property, along with your historical record of electricity usage, the amount of sun exposure available, the amount of space available for mounting panels, and the budget you have set for your solar project, and other factors to design the ideal solar energy system for your needs.


We take care of filing all required permit applications and any other paperwork required by your local building permit office, your HOA, your utility company, and any other authorities.


On the day that your solar panel installation is done, the project is managed by a well-experienced master electrician and a Solarise solar panel systems design engineer. Our team of installation specialists usually finishes an average-sized installation within a few hours.


A Colorado Springs building inspector will carefully check all the work and approve to start running your system and producing your electricity for your home.

Own Your Solar Panel System and Live Off the Power Grid!

Tired of the rising cost of electricity? Net power metering in Colorado allows homeowners with solar to export power back to the grid and will reduce your future electric bills after solar panel installation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Panel Companies

Solarise Solar is a Top Rated Solar Panel Installation Company in Colorado Springs

We understand that the quality of the finest solar panel systems equipment that we will install for you is only as good as the quality of our installation process. So, our priority in installation is to deliver our industry's highest quality workmanship, backed by one of the best warranties in the business.

Solar Panel Installation with $0 Down and Low-Interest Financing

Looking for the Best-Rated Solar Panel Companies in Colorado? Call Solarise Solar to Schedule a Free Solar Evaluation near Colorado Springs

During your solar evaluation, we conduct a thorough assessment of your energy consumption patterns, taking into account your historical usage and future projections. Our team also evaluates the solar exposure and available space in and around your home, leveraging our technical expertise and attention to detail to design a tailored solar panel system. We are committed to providing you with the ideal solution that maximizes energy efficiency and cost savings while minimizing environmental impact.

Solarise Solar provides comprehensive solar panel solutions for homes including rooftop and ground-mounted installations. Our team of solar experts is committed to delivering high-quality solar solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

For more information about local solar installation or a quote on installing solar panels in Colorado Springs, call Solarise Solar at (719) 315-3034 or contact us online to schedule a FREE in-home Solar Evaluation near Colorado Springs, CO..