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Where To Install Solar Panels at My Home

Going solar is an exciting adventure in home improvement! Part of that deeply satisfying journey is the actual arrival and installation of your powerful new solar energy system. It’s a very big day indeed! In preparation for the truly great occasion, there’s the matter of deciding where to install solar panels for homes. Installing your panels in the most advantageous position is essential to getting the greatest amount of electrical power from them. 

Options for Solar Panel Locations on Your Property

The Types of Solar Panel Mounts

There are several essential factors in determining where solar panels for homes will be most productive, including:

  • Sizes of panels you need for your family’s electricity usage
  • Climate region where your home is located
  • Direction the slopes of your roof are facing

The two primary alternatives for home solar panels installation are roof-mount and ground-mount. Here is some information on these options to help you weigh the pros and cons of each for your needs: 

Roof Solar Panels Installation

Solar panels are most often installed on the roofs of homes, garages, and outbuildings. Roofs with slopes facing south are the best location option for solar panels, as they receive the most sunlight. Roofs with slopes facing southwest and southeast usually work very well too.

Solar panels create shade on your roof, helping your home’s interior stay cooler in hot weather. They also help protect the roof from bad weather, like extreme rain, snow, hail, blowing debris in wind, etc. Installing solar panels on the roof also conveniently keeps them out of the way of people and vehicles on your property.

If your roof is heavily shaded or faces north, roof mount panels may not be your best option. Or, if you want to keep your roof’s aesthetic unobstructed, you may prefer ground-mount panels. But, there are ways to design a more appealing and seamless roof-mount system. 

Solar panel installation on the roof may be your best choice if:

  • You want to keep your ground space open for other uses.
  • Your home’s roof faces south and receives abundant sun exposure.
  • Solar panels could help protect your roof from weather damage.
  • You want solar panels to keep your home cooler inside by blocking direct sunlight.
  • There are no nearby trees or buildings causing shade on your home’s roof.

Ground Solar Panels Installation

Ground-mount solar panel installation is typically easier and faster, which can minimize the installation cost. It also makes panel cleaning and maintenance safer and more convenient.

Solar panels installed on the ground often produce more efficiently, because the free space under the panels allows airflow at the ground level. Air is cooler along the ground than on the top of a home’s roof. That helps the panels stay cooler. Solar panels in cold areas are more efficient. Depending on where you put them on your property, you can add more panels in adjacent space in the future if you wish. 

But, ground-mount solar panels do take up square footage on your property, and they are more accessible to various causes of damage. If you have a lot of square area on your property and choose ground-mounted panels, it is recommended to place them away from frequently-used spaces. Avoid installing solar panels near windows and doors, walkways, driveways, and other areas with the highest foot traffic.

Ground mounted solar panel installation may be your best choice if:

  • The property has sufficient unused ground space away from vehicles and foot traffic.
  • You want the opportunity to expand your solar energy system most conveniently later.
  • Your roof design is a prominent aesthetic feature of your home’s exterior.
  • Easy access to the panels for cleaning and maintenance is a priority.
  • Displaying the solar panel array on the property is desirable.

Where Should I Install Solar Panels on My Property?

Every solar panel system installation is different from any other. Therefore, the location that makes the most sense for you to locate the panels on your property depends on the particulars of your property and your preferences. Factors to be considered include the direction of your roof slopes, the aesthetics of your home’s exterior, the amount of free ground space you have available, and others. 

Your solar contractor should provide the guidance you need to help you determine the best configuration for your solar panel system on your property. 

Expert Placement of Your Solar Panel System By Solarise

Solarise Solar in Colorado Springs is Colorado’s best solar panel installation company. If you’re thinking about switching to solar energy but have not decided on the right location to install them, Solarise residential solar energy systems for your area will provide you with input to help you best weigh your options for panel location.

For advice on solar panel placement options, contact Solarise Solar at (719) 792-7725, or contact us online to schedule your FREE Energy Cost Analysis.

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