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What Would Switching To a Solar Panel System Really Be Like?

With solar panel installations spreading so fast across the U.S. over recent years, more people are asking what it’s actually going to be like to make the change at their own homes. By now, property owners are aware that generating solar energy at home means no electricity bills for the amount of power their solar panels produce. Most also understand how important shifting to renewable energy is for helping save the environment. But, many people may find the idea of making the switch to solar a little mystifying. If you’re thinking about going solar, below is some basic information to help as you approach the process better informed.

How Do Home Solar Energy Systems Work?

On residential rooftops and solar farms, solar panel systems work by photovoltaics (PV). In a PV system, when sunlight hits the surface of the solar panels, the light photons are absorbed into the solar cells of the panels. This generates an electrical field, which leads to a flow of electricity. The PV solar conversion model is different from the CSP (concentrating solar power) system used mostly in industrial facilities, which works with mirrors and converts heat to energy.

Is My Home Ready for Solar Panel Installation?

Solar panels work well in any climate, from the hottest to the coldest on earth. Many people are surprised to learn that the panels actually perform better in cold temperatures. So, if you live in a cold climate in an area that receives many days of sunshine per year, your location is ideal for solar panels.

The important factors in whether your house is appropriate for solar panel installation are the condition of your roof, the amount of shade, and the necessary space.

  • The slope and direction your roof faces affect how much power your panels produce.
  • There must be yard space for ground-mount solar panels if roof-mount is not practical. 
  • An older roof or one that needs repairs may not be ready for solar panel installation. 

Work with an expert solar installer to be sure your solar panels will perform optimally. 

How Much Money Can You Save by Going Solar?

Multiple factors together determine how much a family can save on energy costs by switching from 100% dependence on the grid to a solar panel system. Some examples include:

  • The direction your roof faces and the degree of the pitch of the roof
  • How electricity is used in your home 
  • Your electric company’s rates
  • How much your utility company pays for excess power your home sends to the grid. 

Discuss your energy needs with a reputable solar panel systems installer and get answers on how to maximize your home solar production.

How Much Do Solar Panels Increase Home Resale Value?

According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory researchers, having solar panels installed on homes increases property values by an average of about $15,000. That’s why prospective buyers are willing to pay more for homes with a solar panel system installed.

How Much Maintenance Do Solar Panels Need?

Solar panels need very little or no cleaning or maintenance attention throughout the life of the panels. You may need to remove snow or landscape debris that blows onto the panels. The inverter may need to be replaced after some years of use. Otherwise, there’s really nothing for you to do to keep the panels in good working order. 

Further, most solar panels now come with long warranties (usually up to 20 years), so you are protected if for some reason a panel needs professional attention.

With Solar Panels, You’re Protecting the Environment

Producing your own solar energy at home means you are part of the worldwide shift to renewable energy. When you buy solar panels, your home will be operating on clean and sustainable solar energy, which does not damage the environment the way that running a home on fossil fuel is well known to do.

More Reasons To Go Solar in 2022

After years of dropping panel prices as solar energy adoption has spread, today, it takes only around 8 years to pay off the average solar panel system. Plus, the payments on a solar energy system are so much lower than they were in the early days of home solar that people start saving monthly immediately. 

Even with the combined costs of solar equipment payments and regular electric bills for the amount of power the homeowner continues buying from the utility company, they save every month from the start. Additional financial reasons for starting solar use at home this year include:

  • Begin protecting yourself now from rising utility rates and inflation.
  • Take the large federal tax credit that will be significantly reduced after 2022.
  • Save on monthly electricity bills now, instead of losing another year of savings.

Have a professional home solar assessment to find out how many panels and what other equipment you’ll need and see how much you can save by switching to solar energy at home.

Why Choose Solarise Solar?

Over the years, Solarise Solar has helped many thousands of Colorado residents obtain the best value on solar panel systems and installation. Our residential solar energy experts will customize the ideal system design for your needs and the budget you set for the project. Our installation specialists will deliver the solar industry’s highest standard of workmanship. 

Other outstanding benefits Solarise provides our customers include:

  • Zero upfront cost and low-interest financing
  • 30 years solar panel warranty for peace of mind
  • Solar power production monitoring on easy mobile and desktop apps

For more information about solar power basics, call Solarise Solar at (719) 792-7725, or contact us on our website to schedule a FREE Energy Cost Analysis.

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