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Reasons You Should Install Solar This Holiday Season  

A wonderful feature of the holiday season is the beautiful decorative lights everywhere. Countless strands of light adorn shrubs, trees, doors, patios, and even entire houses. Not to mention the vast number of lighted plastic Santas, reindeer, elves, snowmen, and other festive characters decorating lawns and rooftops in neighborhoods from coast to coast. Inside homes are dreamy illuminated window motifs and a mesmerizing tree of lights and ornaments. Cities and towns throughout the country are transformed for weeks. It’s a stunning spectacle. But, it takes a staggering amount of electricity — reportedly about 6.63 billion kW hours.

Holiday Electricity Usage – A Better Way

Shocking electric bills and an alarming amount of fossil fuel consumption are the costs of the otherwise wonderful time of year. The good news is that the future of the great cultural tradition need not involve these extreme effects on family budgets and the natural environment.

Even during this period of peak wintertime home electricity usage, today’s high-quality solar panels can supply all of the power needed for all the dazzling holiday lights you want to enjoy — without the enormous utility bills.

Switching to Solar During the Holidays

The process of switching your home to solar energy is simple for homeowners. The essential task is choosing a well-established and reputable solar installation company. The solar company will first provide you with an energy analysis for your property to determine how many solar panels you will need to install to produce the amount of electricity you want to generate.

  • You can decide to partially supply your home and continue purchasing some of your electricity from your local utility company.
  • Or, you may choose whole-home solar to become entirely independent from the public power grid.

After you decide to switch to solar during the holidays this year, then your installation will be scheduled. You’ll soon be enjoying the great gift of freedom from the public power grid, energy cost savings, and becoming part of the solution to the fossil fuel problem. Choosing to go solar in late 2022 also means you will beat the federal cut-off date and get solar incentives before the decrease in 2023.

Issues Installing Solar Panels During the Holidays

During the busy holiday season, there are often fewer solar experts available to inspect properties and provide estimates. So, it can be tempting to settle for a less experienced and less efficient solar contractor. It can take days or even weeks to have their rep come to your home. Such contractors sometimes take hours looking at a house and then reportedly overcharge homeowners by many thousands of dollars, and equipment and installation may be faulty.

Work only with a reputable provider to have your solar installation completed efficiently and start generating your own electricity before your decorative lights go up and holiday festivities begin. Plus, solar panels are more efficient in cold weather. So, prepare to be delighted by immediately seeing impressive productivity rates from your high-quality solar energy system.

Go Solar this Holiday Season with Solarise Solar!

Your Solarise solar expert will determine the amount of solar energy your residential system will need to generate in order for you to realize significant cost savings from switching to solar. Next, we’ll schedule prompt solar installation of today’s highest-value panels and equipment for your needs and the budget you’ve set. Then, you can congratulate yourself on giving the incomparable gift of solar energy to yourself, your family, and the environment!

Call Solarise Solar at (719) 315-3034, or contact us here online for solar panel information or to schedule a free home Energy Analysis.

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