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Qualities to Prioritize in a Solar Panel Installer  

With the ever-increasing popularity of residential and commercial solar, there are many options of residential solar installers available for you. We encourage you to compare services, equipment quality, costs, and the reputation of your local solar installers. To help you get started, below is the list of priorities to look for in solar installation services.

Qualities to Demand in Solar Installation Services

In doing your research on Colorado or Utah solar installers, the following are the most important qualities you should be looking for in a solar panel systems installation company:

Company Reputation

A well-established high-quality local solar installation provider can be expected to have a long list of customers with positive things to say about their service. Customer comments are often published, so you can view many online and compare. Avoid installers with numerous reviews from dissatisfied customers. Also, ask for several references with contact information so you can speak with some current or former customers first-hand.

Licensing, Insurance, Certifications

At a minimum, be sure that the solar installers you consider can comply with local code and industry standards. Your solar panel installer for proof of the required licenses, insurance coverage, certifications, and permits. This will probably include a business license, an electrician's license, liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance, various certifications from local area government agencies, and installation permits.

NOTE: Hiring non-licensed electricians for solar equipment installation voids the warranties on your solar component products. It also puts you and other occupants of your home at a safety risk.

Long-Term Support Services

You should consider the solar panel installation company's demonstrated commitment to high-quality post-installation services, including troubleshooting, repairs, parts replacement, maintenance, and providing guidance and information.

If your home is off the electrical grid, such services are critical because you’re relying entirely on your solar panels for all your home’s power. Confirm that your solar equipment installation service provides ongoing troubleshooting and routine maintenance services.

Solar Warranty

Make sure you are clear on all the essential solar warranty inclusions of all the individual component products that make up your solar energy system and coverage for the installation work. Beware of solar installers who hand off the product warranties to you from the solar equipment manufacturers but do not offer warranty coverage of their own installation work.

Be clear on how long the installer’s customer support service contract will be in effect and specifically what is covered.

Local Operations

Working with a local solar installation company typically means that you will receive better service. A locally operating solar team understands the terrain on which the panels will be installed. They also have first-hand experience with maximizing solar panel performance based on their experience with the area weather patterns and all other considerations in specific solar equipment choices and panel installation options.

These are also essential factors in maintaining solar panels and accompanying system equipment. Search “solar installers near me” to find local operators. They’re more familiar with municipal rules and regulations affecting residential solar arrangements on properties.

Best Solar Panel Installation Service, Colorado

For more information about solar energy systems, installation, and maintenance services, speak with one of our residential solar experts. Solarise provides the industry’s highest level of workmanship quality in solar panel installation and a 30-year solar panel warranty, giving our customers outstanding long-term protection.

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